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Casey King and family exclusive reveal on Family By the Ton: Afmazing results

King family exclusive reveal on Family By the Ton, amazing results
Amanda is getting ready for the reveal on Family By the Ton. Pic credit: TLC

It’s the moment we have all been waiting for as the collective hard work of the King cousins — Family By the Ton stars Amy, Ed, Casey and Amanda — are set to reveal their new bodies in our exclusive clip.

Our footage has the reveal for the King clan and it is spectacular based on the reactions of the assembled family and friends.

Bariatric surgeon Dr Charles Proctor, Jr. is also shown in the footage and is delighted at their collective progress.

There’s an air of excitement and nervousness too, as everyone assembled is there waiting on the cousins to show up.

Amy Long says: “Amanda and I have put together a little party for our family and friends. I mean we have all worked really hard and been through a lot so we are going to celebrate.”

Using her Instagram account, this stunner is all about the changes in her life and she does killer makeup too:

King family exclusive reveal on Family By the Ton, amazing results
Amy demonstrates her makeup tips. Pic credit: TLC

The featured King family were described by TLC in their journey as having “life and death consequences of morbid obesity.” All four King cousins made a pact that this monumental weight loss fight would end the family legacy of obesity.

King family exclusive reveal on Family By the Ton, amazing results
Amanda and Amy hit the town, the two look amazing! Pic credit: TLC

As we learned at the onset, Amanda was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and was told she could not undergo treatment for her cancer until she lost a significant amount of weight — at least half of what she weighed.

Casey King topped the family obesity scale and was the largest, weighing in at over 700-lbs. In the clip, you can see his proud mother telling a party attendee that Casey had not worn a suit since 2003.

In earlier episodes, Casey was shown to act out in an immature way and was addicted to video games and as such, became housebound and utterly lacked any motivation to get out of his parents’ home.

According to the notes distributed on this series, “Casey spent most of his time eating mountains of food in his bedroom while playing video games for hours on end,” and was also enabled by his dad who would do anything to keep him happy.

Meanwhile, Casey is killing it too:

King family exclusive reveal on Family By the Ton, amazing results
Casey in a still from January 2019 Pic credit: Casey King Instagram

Casey’s cousin Ed is the father of two, and this former firefighter weighed in at over 450-lbs. During the series we saw that his worried daughters expressed fears about his pending surgery.

Pretty Amy Long was one of the lightest of the King clan at 400 pounds, but she changed her future of pain and limitations that would have been a detriment to her health and ability for any normalcy in relationships.

Collectively all of them were in the danger zone, but as you will see tonight they have shed their excessive weight.

Here is our exclusive clip from tonight’s Family by the Ton episode. It’s the last episode featuring the King family (the season then transitions to follow the Anderson family from last season).

Family By the Ton airs Wednesday, January 2 at 10/9c on TLC.

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