Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars goes totally off the rails tonight

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars goes off the rails tonight — with breakdowns left, right and center. The main event is Tara Reid, who totally loses it in the show’s production room while the cameras are rolling, ranting about boyfriend Dean May — and leaving him completely mortified. We wrote a story about that car crash

Tara Reid has breakdown behind scenes on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

Footage has emerged of Tara Reid suffering a breakdown behind the scenes on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. The disturbing clip from tomorrow’s episode of the WE tv show shows her flipping out in the show’s production room. But she doesn’t seem to notice that the cameras are rolling and are capturing everything she’s saying. The footage starts


Marriage Boot Camp recap: Dean and Tara are starting to unravel

I missed a few weeks of blogging WEtv’s Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, but when I saw this week’s teasers, I got caught up on my shows real quick. I knew I’d have an opinion that I’d want to share with more than my husband. Thanks for indulging me. Since Week One, I have been


Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars recap, the Tara plays dumb edition

Day Two in the new season of WEtv’s “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars,” and I’m starting to wonder if this season will be “The Tara Reid Show.” Getting to know the other boot campers (since she missed Day One entirely), Tara explains the problem in her relationship with Dean. It’s their schedules. Pretty weak. And


Recap of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, the breaking point edition

You know you were waiting for it – the lie detector on WEtv’s Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. Reliably one of the BEST episodes every season. In last week’s Season 4 Episode 9 the cast began the day discussing the most outrageous lies told about them in the media over breakfast. That was interesting. “I’ve heard

Recap: Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, the ‘don’t mock me’ edition

Friday night’s episode of “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” on WEtv was the heaviest so far, for this group of campers. Cedric has forgiven Sundy for not telling him that she had a prior relationship with Benzino. “Ten years ago – what’s it to me? The things is, just be honest,” Cedric is still miffed


Marriage Boot Camp Recap: Reality Stars, the ready to getanut edition

I called this on Week One. I said all hell was going to break loose when Cedric finally found out that Sundy slept with Benzino. I just can’t believe it took six days on WEtv’s “Marriage Boot Camp” for him to figure it out. Everybody in the house knew except Cedric. Last week ended with


Recap: Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, the “I’ve experimented with guys” edition

June’ Shannon’ and ‘Mike ‘Sugar Bear’ Thompson’ star in Marriage Boot Camp, where in this week’s edition Sugar Bear admits he’s “experimented” with men. It’s Day 5 on WEtv’s “Marriage Boot Camp,” and Ink and Sarah start the day screaming at each other, again. Sugar Bear woke up feeling better about things. Guy has no instincts.


Recap: Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, The ‘Warriosity’ Edition

When WEtv’s “Marriage Boot Camp” ended last week, Benzino had packed and was going to leave the mansion. Why was he leaving? Because Judge Lynn Toler from “Divorce Court” was a mean, nasty judgmental bitch during the first boot camp evaluations, and Benzino felt utterly attacked. “I don’t honestly think we’re going to work,” Althea