Tara Reid has breakdown behind scenes on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

The behind-the-scenes clip of Tara Reid having a breakdown on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

Footage has emerged of Tara Reid suffering a breakdown behind the scenes on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.

The disturbing clip from tomorrow’s episode of the WE tv show shows her flipping out in the show’s production room.

But she doesn’t seem to notice that the cameras are rolling and are capturing everything she’s saying.

The footage starts off with Reid having it out with the show’s executive producer Adam Freeman, while others look on from another room.

But Adam struggles to understand what the Sharknado star is saying. He says: “I don’t know 90 per cent of what you’re talking about.”

Tara is then seen saying boyfriend Dean May is full of “bulls***”, and she dances around singing: “He’s Dean May, he’s cool. He’s going to be famous now…f*** that! I was wrong in my opinion about him.”

In separate footage Toya is seen whispering to May: “She is crazy.” But he vows: “I would never leave her. Even if she pushed me away and said the meanest things to me ever I’d still f***ing be there for her. I have a thick skin. I don’t care.”

Speaking to the camera along with husband Memphitz, Toya later says: “The people that really love me, those are the kind of people that I kind of push away. And I see that same thing going on with Tara and Dean.

“And every time she comes up with these crazy stories in her head, it’s pushing him away. It’s making him angry, it’s making him upset.

“I just want them to get back on the same page or at least talk.”

Watch Tara’s breakdown on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars airs Fridays at 9pm ET/PT on WE tv.

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