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Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars goes totally off the rails tonight

Tara Reid dancing on a table before losing it on tonight’s Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars goes off the rails tonight — with breakdowns left, right and center.

The main event is Tara Reid, who totally loses it in the show’s production room while the cameras are rolling, ranting about boyfriend Dean May — and leaving him completely mortified.

We wrote a story about that car crash earlier this week.

But she’s not the only one to lose it, as Michelle Money and Cody Sattler both suffer their own minor breakdowns during a task where they have to confront their fears.

The exercise sees the group come face to face with their biggest flaws — which they have written on t-shirts which are then fitted to a punchbag mannequin.

The anger is so deep-seated in Cody that he manages to break the baseball bat he’s given to hit it with — then starts totally laying into it with his FISTS.

Meanwhile, Michelle starts off well but then ends is tears as she is forced to face infidelity.

Watch the preview clips from tonight show as she and Cody end up in a mess — and Tara takes it to a completely other level

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars preview 1

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars preview 2

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars airs Fridays at 9/8c on WE tv.

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