Recap of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, the breaking point edition

Benzino and Althea hashed out their relationship on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars

You know you were waiting for it – the lie detector on WEtv’s Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. Reliably one of the BEST episodes every season.

In last week’s Season 4 Episode 9 the cast began the day discussing the most outrageous lies told about them in the media over breakfast. That was interesting.

“I’ve heard I’m a gold-digger – all I do is screw married men,” Sundy says.

Benzino’s accused of being a gang leader.

Mama June isn’t back with her ex, but the allegation caused her to lose her reality show.

Sean supposedly donated his own sperm to his sister. Mama June points out that could result in kids who aren’t quite right. ROFL!

“Today is going to be a very frustrating, hard day for some of these couples,” Marriage Boot Camp Director Jim Carroll says.

“We’ve given you the tools that you need to build a healthy relationship and now will be your last chance to ask any question you need answered so that you can weigh the pros and cons of the big decision you need to make tomorrow,” Elizabeth explains.

And then suddenly Judge Lynn Toler is there running the lie detector exercise. Since when is Toler in charge of this exercise? Ugh. Bring back Elizabeth and Jim, and Ilsa Norman and David Bishop. Divorce Court’s Toler is just a big walking ball of negativity.

“You all knew it was coming,” she says. They all get to ask one question.

“Is there anymore other people out there that I don’t know about?” Mama June asks.

“I just wanna know if she’s ever cheated on me?” Sugar says.

“Do you think I’m the right man to be with you?” Cedric asks Sundy.

“When we were married, did you ever cheat on me?” Sundy asks, and Cedric’s baffled because she is the cheater, not him.

Catherine wants to know if Sean is ready for kids. Sean wants to know if Catherine plans to curb her anger.

“Do you see yourself settling down and starting a family with me?” Sarah asks Ink.

“If there was no possible way of me finding out, would she cheat?” Inks asks.

Althea asks about condoms she found in Benzino’s trunk. Benzino wants to know if she’s ready to take accountability. Elizabeth says he manipulated his question because if she doesn’t give him the right answer, she looks bad no matter what. But that doesn’t end up mattering because she can’t take the test because she’s pregnant.

Sugar Bear admits he’s nervous to the examiner.

“How many times do you think you’ve cheated,” they ask Sugar Bear. “Six, that’s it.” What??? June definitely doesn’t know about six.

“Since 2004, have you had sexual contact with anyone other than Sugar Bear?” they ask June.

“Man, I got the dude that looks like a homicide detective,” Benzino says about his examiner.

“I don’t feel like this is accurate,” Ink says. He’s all about fighting the program.

Cedric says he hasn’t cheated on Sundy. Sarah says she wouldn’t cheat on Ink.

While they’re waiting for the other group, Catherine and Ink get into another argument when she says Sean wouldn’t cheat on her for money.

“Sean wouldn’t take a billion dollars to cheat on me,” Catherine says.

“I would take the million and give Althea half,” Benzino says.

“I’m happy with the amount of money we have. I don’t need a billion dollars,” Sean says.

Catherine and Sean get in a fight because she doesn’t like how he answered that question. He takes off his microphone and throws it. He should have said he’d never cheat on Catherine, not that he doesn’t need money.

“That’s not cheating, in a sense, to me,” Sarah says. Of course, she may have a different moral compass than some of the others.

Ink tries to get everybody to band together ahead of the results. He’s totally a bully. You can tell by the way he tries to pull gang-ups on everybody, all the time.

Sundy picks on June for asking the same question of Sugar Bear. Her theory is that it’s been asked and answered, so let it go. Of course, she’s the cheater in her relationship so she has zero credibility.

We watch Judge Toler grill the lie detector administrators before they give the results to the boot campers.

“As soon as the cameras come on, it’s embarrass me time,” Benzino says. I get how he feels. I don’t get the sympathy anybody has for Althea. And I don’t think it was fair to make Benzino answer Althea’s question when she wasn’t able to do the lie detector test. Production knew about the problem but let it happen anyway. Boohiss!

“How they deal with the results tonight could mean the difference between leaving boot camp together, or alone,” Elizabeth says.

Some of the results were ugly.

Sundy DOES NOT think Cedric is the right man for her. And she didn’t lie about it.

Cedric said he hasn’t cheated on Sundy, but the test says he lied. Oops!

Catherine told the truth about letting the anger go. Sean’s answer was inconclusive about whether he’s ready for children.

“Why you asking silly-ass questions like that?” Ink asks. He has an opinion on everybody else, doesn’t he?

“You keep hiding in the closet like 12 years old,” Toler accuses Sean and Catherine. “When there’s an issue, we can’t address it because you’re hiding it from us.” She busts them for arguing in their room and taking off their microphones.

“We can control ourselves,” Catherine explains that she and Sean don’t behave like the other couples and don’t need the same kind of therapy, in her opinion.

“I appreciate Judge Toler for calling them out,” Sarah says.

Mama June told the truth. She didn’t get together with her ex.

“Stop believing the media. I was telling the truth the whole time,” June says. I feel badly for her. “So now the media can shut the X up.”

Sugar admitted he cheated on June more than what he’d admitted to before in Marriage Boot Camp.

Sean and Catherine make fun of him in an interview, the way his lies trickle out.

“Tell it all, man. Just tell it all,” Toler tells Sugar Bear.

Sugar Bear storms out of the room, throwing his hat, in the most aggressive behavior we’ve seen out of him all week. Then he sits in the other rooms and cries.

“I felt like ashamed, humiliated, and honestly, I cannot do this anymore because I am so broken,” June says.

Surprisingly, Ink said he’s willing to settle down and have kids, and he told the truth. That’s only if Sarah can gain his trust, though.

Sarah said she wouldn’t cheat on Ink, and the test showed deception.

“Ink, you have to be an active participant in allowing her to gain your trust,” Toler coaches.

After all Ink’s bitching about how bogus the tests are, etc., he’d better not turn on Sarah for her answer.

Benzino lied about whether those were his condoms Althea found in the trunk, but he didn’t use them. He’s pissed that Althea didn’t have to take the test.

“Today, as in life, he will not always be able to be in control,” Elizabeth says. Usually, I agree with her, but I think Althea is a gold-digger and they’re giving her too much latitude because she’s pregnant.

After the lie detector results, the REAL Marriage Boot Camp folks show up to explain how the “hall pass” works and talk about how they have big decisions to make the next day.

“I’m very annoyed right now,” Catherine is mad that Sean isn’t reaching out to her the way she wants.

“I wanna leave tonight, screw tonight, screw tomorrow, let’s just go home,” Sean says.

“Will a night out without their partner make them rethink things before tomorrow’s ring ceremony?” Elizabeth asks as they begin collecting wedding rings that may, or may not, get returned during the ring ceremony the next day.

“With all due respect, I’m going to keep my ring,” Sean says when they start collecting them. “We’re at our breaking point right now.”

“I think it’s garbage but I’ll do it,” Catherine says when pressured.

They’re both pissed at Marriage Boot Camp and each other when they get back to their room.

“And here’s me taking my mic off again,” Sean says. That’s so much easier for the guys. They have them in their pockets or on their waistband, while most of the girls have them hooked to their bras in the back.

“We have been so cooperative. That’s bulls**t,” Catherine says. Didn’t she watch the show before she signed up to do it? WTF. The lie detector and the hall pass are done EVERY season.

But they both play along. And they both look miserable for most of the night.

“Immediately I’m thinking this is just not my scene,” Sean says.

“I’m feeling good because I’ve been locked up in this house. I’m gonna see some bitches,” Ink says he’s just going to look, not going to talk to them.

“I’m not going to let these mother******* ruin my night,” Inks says. The overall tone of the guys in the bus is pretty down.

Meanwhile, Sarah is giving lap dances to the other women and Sundy is spinning around a poll in the party bus. Bahahaha!

Ink starts collecting women the minute they get into the club.

“I’m Kim, I’m trouble,” one says, by way of introduction.

“I’m Sean. I’m not,” he walks away. Go Sean!!! First time I’ve cheered for him this season.

“We safe over here,” Cedric says, hiding with Sean on the other side of the bar.

Meanwhile, Sarah is licking booze out from between Sundy’s boobs. I imagine some fights going on this week after the guys saw that footage.

“Things are getting a little weird,” Catherine says. She’s right.

Ink and Benzino are trying to corrupt Sugar, so he joins Sean and Cedric on the other side of the room.

Then Benzino gets up to rap.

“I just took the mic and took over the whole club, turned it out!” Benzino says. “I feel at home when I’m on that stage.”

“It’s a great night and I’m in a much better mood now,” he says.

“There was a time when going out was a lot of fun,” Sean says nowadays he’d rather be home with his wife eating pizza.

On the way home in the party bus, Catherine loosened up and got a little silly on the poll, and then gave Sundy a lap dance. I think she got sick of being called a priss, so she let loose with just the girls in the bus.

The guys aren’t thrilled about the sleeping arrangements.

“It’s going to be a like a big, weird slumber party,” Sean says about sleeping with all the guys in Sugar Bear’s room.

For a change, the couples don’t have a big throwdown when everybody gets home. It’s actually going well… until Althea and Benzino get into it, again.

We see yelling and him slamming the door behind her and everybody listening from other rooms… and then the episode is over. Totally unfair.

For the season finale this Friday, all the boot campers have to decide if they want to exchange rings or leave the mansion alone. I’m afraid they’ll all stay together, and some of them shouldn’t. Not going to miss that.

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