Pedro Jimeno’s mom Lidia flexes new luxury car

90 Day Fiance and The Family Chantel viewers have learned about Pedro Jimeno’s family’s materialism over the years they’ve been around the franchise, and that characteristic seems to still be true. Pedro’s mom Lidia Morel recently used her Instagram Stories to flex a major new purchase she apparently made. Lidia stood posing in a car


This is how The Family Chantel viewers feel about Season 4 so far

The Family Chantel viewers watched the Season 4 premiere this week, and there was no shortage of opinions floating around online. Between Chantel and Pedro’s marital strife, Winter’s bariatric surgery, Winter’s new Nigerian man, Nicole and Lidia Jimeno’s glow-ups, and Karen’s witticisms, The Family Chantel viewers were here for it. Twitter has lit up with


Pedro’s mom Lidia explained why Pedro’s dad left, takes no responsibility

Pedro’s mom, Lidia, explained on The Family Chantel why Pedro’s dad abandoned her, Pedro, and Nicole but took no responsibility for her part in the messed up situation that has left Pedro and Nicole emotionally damaged. Lidia finally told Pedro that she found out his dad had another family when Pedro was born but decided


5 most shocking moments on the latest episode of The Family Chantel

The latest episode of The Family Chantel popped off for almost everyone on the show. Whether it was breakups, insane family and personal revelations, or tense first-time meetings, there was a lot of drama in this week’s episode. The Family Chantel viewers were taken for a ride by the cast members whose drama they thought


14 of the most underrated comedic moments in 90 Day Fiance history — Part 2

There have been plenty of comedic moments on 90 Day Fiance and its spinoffs that have not gotten the attention they deserve for being so ridiculous. 90 Day Fiance’s premise and narrative produce countless hilarious moments and some stick out in the minds of viewers more than others. This list covers the lesser-brought-up funny instances