5 most shocking moments on the latest episode of The Family Chantel

Winter, Pedro, and Megan
This week’s episode of The Family Chantel had many alarming moments that stemmed from culminating drama. Pic credit: TLC

The latest episode of The Family Chantel popped off for almost everyone on the show.

Whether it was breakups, insane family and personal revelations, or tense first-time meetings, there was a lot of drama in this week’s episode.

The Family Chantel viewers were taken for a ride by the cast members whose drama they thought they knew.

Many issues, relations, and viewpoints between the cast hit a catalyst and went beyond viewer expectations in how shocking they were.

These are the 5 most shocking moments of the episode.

The following moments tie together either long-standing drama and unanswered questions or exacerbated outstanding pain.

1. Karen and Chantel’s surprisingly uninterested reaction to meeting River’s girlfriend Megan and Megan’s response to it

River and Megan
Megan walked away surprised by the first meeting with River’s family. Pic credit: TLC

When Karen and Chantel were trying to get a feel for how serious Megan was about River they concluded that she is not as interested in him as he is in her. This is because she expressed having a child already and wanting to take things slow and petitioned that they were at different places in their lives.

When Karen and Chantel didn’t grill Megan the way she thought they were going to, she acted offended in a private interview as she felt they didn’t want to get to know her.

2. Winter exposing Jah’s views and leaving him and moving back in with her parents

Winter and the Everett family
The whole family came to Winter’s aid to support who through the breakup with Jah. Pic credit: TLC

Winter moved back in with her parents after she and Jah had a massive fight stemming from Jah’s need for Winter to be submissive and Winter feeling disrespected.

Winter exposed that Jah wanted her to call him “Lord” and that he asked her about polygamy.

The whole family came to support Winter when Jah showed up at the house and she told him their relationship was over on the phone in front of her family.

3. Pedro’s mom’s rationale for being with a married man

Pedro's mom Lidia
Lidia told the truth about Pedro’s father. Pic credit: TLC

Pedro’s mom Lidia admitted that she found out Pedro’s dad had three kids and was married but separated with another woman but decided to still have Nicole after finding that out.

Lidia said after Nicole was born, Pedro’s dad left them for good. Lidia defended her decision to be with a married man and have kids with him by saying it was a good opportunity for her to have two kids with the same man. She blamed Dominican culture and reasoned that every man can’t stay with one woman.

Pedro’s grandmother agreed with that and said that Pedro’s grandfather also had kids with someone else.

4. Pedro’s realization that his family might have actually been taking advantage of Chantel

Pedro Jimeno
Pedro had an emotional realization. Pic credit: TLC

Lidia told Pedro that she wouldn’t have a problem with Alejandro if he had money. This point made Pedro realize that his family does take advantage of people and that they were probably taking advantage of Chantel too.

Chantel’s family pegged Pedro’s family as users from the beginning and Pedro is now believing that to be true.

5. Pedro and Nicole’s fight in front of Pedro’s grandmother and family

Pedro and Nicole's fight
Pedro got into it with his sister Nicole. Pic credit: TLC

Pedro flew into a rage while trying to disgrace Nicole’s boyfriend Alejandro in front of his family and went so far as to call Nicole a s**t.

The situation was wildly out of control with everyone telling each other they should be ashamed.

The Family Chantel airs on Mondays on Discovery+.

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