The Family Chantel: Why does Pedro Jimeno’s mom Lidia have such a bad attitude?

Pedro and Lidia
Pedro’s mom Lidia has had an insufferable attitude throughout her appearances within the 90 Day Fiance franchise. Pic credit: TLC

On 90 Day Fiance, Happily Ever After?, and The Family Chantel, Pedro Jimeno’s mom Lidia has had a chip on her shoulder and a nasty attitude toward anything she doesn’t agree with, and she doesn’t agree with a lot.

Lidia has taken her rage over the top several times and has incited or fanned the flames of countless problems for Chantel, Chantel’s Family, between Pedro and Chantel, and for her daughter Nicole.

But why does Lidia have such a bad attitude and volatile character?

Lidia Jimeno carries a lot of resentment about her own life

Viewers are finding more out about Pedro’s father and, in turn, more about Lidia this season on The Family Chantel. Viewers have learned that Lidia felt like she was used by Pedro and Nicole’s father and then dumped when he started another family and left Lidia and the kids to be on their own.

Lidia feels like the partners of her children are not good enough but it might have more to do with how she was treated in her past relationships.

Lidia is also a divorce attorney and has not mentioned having a relationship since Pedro and Nicole’s dad.

Pedro also confided in Chantel that his dad would come into the house late at night and be gone by the time he woke up, which Chantel thought meant his mom could have been a side chick.

Pedro and Lidia
Lidia enjoys throwing shade at her children’s significant others. Pic credit: TLC

Lidia Jimeno was extremely rude and destructive to Nicole Jimeno’s boyfriend Alejandro when they first met

Perhaps the most intense and uncalled-for situation that Lidia created was when Nicole brought her new boyfriend Alejandro over to meet her mom.

Lidia already went into the meeting thinking Alejandro was not good enough for her daughter just judging by his occupation. So when she asked him what he does for a living when they met and he said he was the manager of a cell phone store and a part-time bartender, she totally lost it.

Lidia called Alejandro a dishwasher among other things and, as she became more enraged, she stood up and grabbed Alejandro’s bags to throw them out the door and she broke his cologne.

She has also been unapologetic for anything she has done that has been taken badly by other people.

The Family Chantel airs on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC.

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Linette Davis
Linette Davis
2 years ago

I think she is bitter and angry because she doesn’t have a husband and she doesn’t think anyone is ever going to be good enough for her kids.And Nicole needs to tell her married boyfriend that he needs to get a divorce or leave her, before she ends up like her mother.

6 months ago

Lidia is ugly inside and out!! She has a nasty demeanor. Miserable woman who thinks she is too good for anyone. And the guy’s name is “Scott” not “Escott”!