14 of the most underrated comedic moments in 90 Day Fiance history — Part 2

Ronald, Darcey, and Natalie
The most underrated comedic moments in 90 Day Fiance history are back for a Part 2. Pic credit TLC

There have been plenty of comedic moments on 90 Day Fiance and its spinoffs that have not gotten the attention they deserve for being so ridiculous.

90 Day Fiance’s premise and narrative produce countless hilarious moments and some stick out in the minds of viewers more than others.

This list covers the lesser-brought-up funny instances that have transpired throughout the 90 Day Fiance universe. Oftentimes, a season or a cast member will have one big comedic scene or situation that they are remembered for but the more obscure scenarios that play out can be just as funny.

The 90 Day world is full of cast members who are humorously clueless, blissfully ignorant, absurdly unstable, and amusingly toxic. All of these traits have made for excellent reality television and have given way to some of the most laughed-about situations in the franchise.

The moments captured by this list are sure to bring back memories and create laughter over the zaniness of each situation and the cast members involved.

1. Babygirl Lisa telling Usman ‘Sojaboy’ Umar she has ’50 mens’ in America that want her and that he is just local talent

Lisa got mad at Usman because she opened his phone and saw a message from another woman that Usman had replied to in what she perceived to be a flirtatious way. When she was done berating him for the situation and Usman got defensive, Lisa threw out some very pointed insults.

She told him, “I’ve got 50 f*****g mens in the states right now I can marry.” After Usman told her the other men are not like him she scolded, “You know what? You are not that big of a star. You’re f*****g local talent.”

2. Natalie being unnerved by all the pig statues in Mike’s mom’s house

On the ill-fated trip to Oklahoma, Natalie was obviously unsettled by Mike’s mom Trish’s house and the way it was decorated.

The room she was staying in had tons of pig memorabilia, to the point where Natalie was visibly disturbed. When Mike asked Natalie what she thought about the pigs Natalie said, “It’s a lot of pigs for one house. Pretty crowded.”

Mike then proceeded to question, “Bunch of eyes huh?”

3. Darcey Silva having a meltdown within hours of meeting Tom Brooks in person for the first time

Darcey totally lost it after just spending a few hours with Tom. After Tom poured Darcey a glass of wine she started to go on about how she had never been treated as well as he was treating her in her past relationships. Tom was off-put by her comments and asked her who she’d been choosing.

Darcey then went on about knowing her worth and began to cry. In a private interview, Tom said she was a very emotional person and he thought first dates were supposed to be fun.

Darcey then had a meltdown when she found out they would be staying in separate bedrooms because Tom wanted to respect her space and not give the impression that he only wanted sex.

4. Ricky re-using the engagement ring he had for another girl on the same trip

Ricky really stepped in it when he met up with his backup woman in Colombia and proposed to her with the ring intended for the girl he went to Colombia to see who ghosted him.

Over dinner, Ximena found out the truth about Ricky’s original reason for coming to Colombia and discovered his false motives for giving her the ring and she flipped out in a brilliant display.

Between Ricky’s misunderstanding in the conversation and Ximena’s level of anger, the scene was totally crazy for viewers to watch. Ximena even revealed that Ricky had called her by the other woman’s name when they were kissing.

5. Stephanie Davison baby-talking to her ancient cat Cooper about Ryan and Harris

Stephanie Davison
Stephanie coddled her cat Cooper and said some very cringy but funny things to him about Ryan and Harris. Pic credit: TLC

Stephanie’s super senior cat Cooper had no choice but to be smothered with attention from Stephanie who told Cooper all about the men in her life.

In a famously cringy scene, Stephanie explained to Cooper that she was no longer with Ryan and moved on to Harris.

She said to Cooper, “So guess what? Remember how mama was telling you about Ryan? He is gone. He is not going to be your daddy. But guess what? You’d like Harris. Mommy is seeing somebody new. Do you wanna call and say hi to Harris?”

Then she took Cooper, who was clutched under her arm, over to the refrigerator where there was a picture of Ryan and said, “You ready for a little yogurt? And guess what?” She pointed to the picture of Ryan on the fridge and relayed, “We have some work to do today bubba. We got to get rid of him.”

Stephanie Davison and cat Cooper
Cooper was a passenger to Stephanie’s relationships. Pic credit: TLC

Stephanie then placed a picture of Harris over the picture of Ryan.

6. Larry misunderstanding Jenny and thinking she was saying he’s old instead of rude

It’s because of this scene that Larry got the nickname “Lechon Larry.”

When Larry went to the Philippines to visit Jenny’s family in Season 1 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, he was grossed out by the food and made no effort to hide his queasiness in front of Jenny’s family who spent a lot of time and effort making the “Lechon” pig. This embarrassed Jenny and offended her family.

When Jenny pulled him aside after the dinner Larry thought Jenny kept calling him “old” when in fact she was calling him “rude.”

7. Luis freaking out about Molly’s owls

Luis drove Molly completely crazy during the scene where he accused her of being ungodly and practicing witchcraft because she had owl statues and Buddha’s around her house.

Luis’s approach and Molly’s reaction were wild for viewers to watch and the situation has gone down in 90 Day history and produced one of the most famous one-liners when Molly shouted during the conversation, “This is nuts!”

8. The blue room Ronald Smith built and painted for Daniel but it didn’t work out so well

Ronald and Daniel
Ronald made life harder for himself by building an extra room for Daniel. Pic credit: TLC

Ronald dug himself a deeper hole when he decided to take initiative and build an extra room in his garage for Tiffany, Daniel, and Carley’s arrival but it was not the initiative Tiffany wanted to see.

Not only that, but Ronald left cardboard on the painted floor that stuck to it and he and Daniel had to spend time scraping it off. The room was also a very intense blue color on all the walls.

9. Danielle Jbali showing off a swimsuit she bought to stalk Mohamed Jbali in Florida in case he changed his mind

Danielle and Mohamed
Danielle’s naivety is what made her thought of romance with Mohamed in Miami funny. Pic credit: TLC

Danielle found out where Mohamed was living in Miami while they were still married but estranged. So Danielle decided to head down uninvited and announced to Miami and was going to surprise him at his house if he didn’t start responding to her texts and phone calls.

The funny part came when Danielle was unpacking in her hotel room and said, “Brought my bathing suit. Hopefully, I can go to the beach hopefully with Mohamad. This could be a romantic vacation if everything goes right.”

10. Darcey and Jesse’s fight over a shoe

While Darcey and Jesse’s relationship was deteriorating 90 Day Fiance fans saw a ridiculous scene play out between the two of them over an alleged shoe-throwing incident.

The over the top drama in this scene and both Darcey’s and Jesse’s gaslighting attitudes made the ludacris argument stand out.

11. When Lidia called Nicole’s boyfriend Alejandro a dishwasher

Lidia was being so extra when she met Alejandro and immediately didn’t like him before he spoke. She then proceeded to berate him in ways that obviously surprised Alejandro and embarrassed Nicole.

The highlight of the Alejandro bashing came when Lidia was attacking his job as a manager of a cell phone store and she called him a “dishwasher boy.”

12. Darcey getting her Louis Vuitton stuck in the escalator

Darcey iconically got her Louis Vuitton heel stuck in the escalator minutes before meeting Jesse in person for the first time. Her helpless situation and startled attitude were something producers just couldn’t make up.

Darcey’s embarrassment and bewilderment were a spectacle as the airport security dislodged her high heel and she had to gather herself before seeing Jesse.

13. When Sasha told Emily’s sister she looks like she eats junk food

When Sasha tried American cereal for the first time, the experience did not go well and he ended up insulting Emily’s sister in the process.

After an awkward conversation about Sasha’s need to go to the gym, he approached the cereal box next to Emily’s sister and asked if that’s what he was eating. Emily’s sister then said, “Usually I would eat something more healthy” and explained she offered that since they were traveling and it was quick.

Sasha then said, “Oh okay, this can be your cheat meal.” When Emily’s sister questioned his statement, Sasha came back with, “You told me you were just eating healthy food but this is not exactly healthy.”

He then asked Emily’s mom if she eats cereal and when she said no, Sasha replied, “Good, I can see.” He then proceeded to explain what a good breakfast meal was before shoving the cereal down on the counter sliding it away.

14. Paul Staehle taking his mom’s hair as a keepsake

When viewers first met Paul and he was getting ready to go to the airport with his mother, she handed him a napkin and inside the napkin was her hair from her hairbrush.

Paul then explained to the camera how sweet the gesture was and how he appreciated it.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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