90 Day Fiance fans can’t stand the way Stephanie Davison treats her 20-year-old cat Cooper

Stephanie and her cat Cooper from 90 Day Fiance
90 Day Fiance fans have been very vocal about Stephanie’s 20-year-old cat. Pic credit: TLC

Stephanie Davison’s cat, Cooper, first made headlines when 90 Day Fiance viewers learned she feeds him Key Lime Yogurt.

While the consensus was that it is not the best choice for cats, Cooper is still in relatively good health for a 20-year-old cat.

During last week’s episode, Stephanie returned home from Belize, and viewers got to have screen time with Cooper again, but they had a lot to say on Cooper’s behalf and about Stephanie’s dynamic with him.

Stephanie is extremely attached to Cooper since she hasn’t had any children and remained single for most of her life. She puts him on a pedestal and showers him with attention and affection.

Cooper, being very old, always has a peculiar look on his face that leaves fans speculating about his emotions, especially when Stephanie is picking him up and talking to him.

What fans think Stephanie’s cat Cooper is thinking

Stephanie made a big deal of talking to the cat about “Daddy Ryan” and how the cat would have to share her attention and bed with him.

After the breakup with Ryan, Stephanie came home in a relationship with Harris, and she and the cat FaceTimed with “Daddy Harris.”

Stephanie's cat Cooper
Cooper stares blankly while Stephanie holds him. Pic credit: TLC

In a Reddit thread, a user said, “Cooper is tired of all the Facetimes. He’s probably like, ‘who is it going to be this time, dammit.”

Reddit post about Stephanie's cat Cooper
Fans joked about how Cooper feels about Facetime. Pic credit: u/johninbk/Reddit

Another person said, “That’s a look that screams ‘I’m going to smother you in your sleep.’”

Reddit post about Stephanie's cat Cooper
Fans say what they think Cooper thinks. Pic credit: u/johninbk/Reddit

Along those same lines, one person said Cooper is thinking, “B***h, I don’t care about your drunken affairs. Put me down.”

Many remarked at Cooper’s age, and one Twitter user made a meme about how Cooper must feel.

Other thoughts on Stephanie’s cat

While many thought that Cooper was having the most relaxing time of his life while Stephanie was in Belize, they did miss him on their screens.

There were jokes that Stephanie’s cat “looks like the cat in pet cemetery after it came back from the dead.”

Reddit post about Stephanie's cat Cooper
Fans remarked at Coopers age and looks. Pic credit: @u/pirate_crunchies/Reddit

There were other users who agreed with the notion that, “Every time that cat was on the tv I screamed at the TV. ‘OMG Leave The Cat Alone!!! Pls!

Reddit post about Stephanie's cat Cooper
Fans give their opinion on Cooper, Stephanie’s cat. Pic credit: @u/donolfritler/Reddit

While many people think Cooper actually hates Stephanie but can’t do anything about it because he’s old and a cat, Stephanie shows no signs that she will start treating him any different.

His airtime on 90 Day Fiancé might be over, but there is hope that Stephanie will feature him more on her social media or possibly be part of a spinoff in the franchise.

90 Day Fiance airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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