The Family Chantel viewers lay into Pedro’s mom Lidia for body-shaming pageant contestants

Lidia Jimeno
Lidia Jimeno was called out by The Family Chantel viewers for body-shaming. Pic credit: TLC

The Family Chantel viewers watched Pedro Jimeno’s little sister Nicole compete for the title of Miss Dominican Republic on the last episode. Nicole fell short of the top five and her mother Lidia had many choice words about her daughter’s loss that rubbed viewers the wrong way.

Lidia has been known to carry a chip on her shoulder and display a callous attitude about many things in her life and the lives of her children. Lidia’s bad attitude was on full display as she laid into the other pageant contestants’ looks and called out the flaws she saw in them physically.

The Family Chantel viewers were very put off by what they felt was body-shaming by Lidia and they voiced their opinions via Twitter.

The Family Chantel viewers called out Lidia Jimeno for body-shaming

Twitter users sounded off on the negative things they heard from Lidia about the other pageant contestants after Nicole’s loss.

One viewer remarked, “How Lidia talking about all the girls they picked in the top 5 had big butts and big hips? They all looked better than your daughter and made it further than her so stop being sore losers.”

Twitter comments about Lidia Jimeno
Pic credit: @vulnaviaj/Twitter

Another person made the point, “Lidia body shaming the top five is not it. Maybe your daughter didn’t win because she wasn’t good enough and they saw that video of her throwing a glass at her in-laws.”

Twitter comments about Lidia Jimeno
Pic credit: @storytellerd10/Twitter

Someone else wrote, “Not only are you a classist, but your a body shamer too…..felicidades.”

Pedro Jimeno has also been called out for his attitude this season on The Family Chantel

It has become apparent to The Family Chantel viewers that the relationship between Pedro and Chantel is not in a good place.

While rumors and speculation have been swirling off-camera and online about the current status of Pedro and Chantel’s marriage, on-camera, viewers are watching disturbing signs.

Pedro has felt like Chantel has not been supporting him the way he wants given that he was there for her when she was in nursing school. He has voiced that he thinks Chantel is lazy and not a contributing partner.

Chantel, meanwhile, feels that Pedro’s anger and resentment are misplaced and that he is taking his upset aggression towards his family out on her.

Either way, if Pedro and Chantel cannot see eye to eye, viewers are going to have to watch more turmoil between the two this season.

The Family Chantel is on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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