Watch Charlie Puth perform on The Voice

Modern-day crooner Charlie Puth took the stage for a special guest performance on Season 22 of The Voice. Charlie’s performance came after he stepped in and helped his friend and fellow musician Camila Cabello as her Battle Advisor. During his set on the hit reality show, Charlie performed a medley of songs from his latest album, CHARLIE.


Billie Eilish slams Benny Blanco in defense of Charlie Puth

Billie Eilish called out record producer Benny Blanco after he went after Charlie Puth in a TikTok feud. Puth is best known for his single See You Again, and other hits, such as Attention, One Call Away, and We Don’t Talk Anymore, featuring Selena Gomez. Despite not releasing an album since 2018; he is a


Friends reboot: Jennifer Aniston addresses rumors on Ellen

Rumors of a Friends reboot or an official cast reunion follow actress Jennifer Aniston everywhere. It’s likely the same for the rest of the six main characters from the hit show, but she is in the spotlight more often than the other five. On Monday, Aniston went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to speak about

Who is helping Adam Levine coach on The Voice?

Adam Levine chose a special person to be his helping hand on The Voice this season — musical artist Charlie Puth. Levine and Puth have commented on each other’s bromance on The Voice, talking about how they met and how close their friendship is. However, many fans are wondering exactly who Charlie Puth is and