Billie Eilish slams Benny Blanco in defense of Charlie Puth

Billie Eilish and Benny Blanco
Billie Eilish claps back at Benny Blanco to defend singer Charlie Puth. Pic credit: ©

Billie Eilish called out record producer Benny Blanco after he went after Charlie Puth in a TikTok feud.

Puth is best known for his single See You Again, and other hits, such as Attention, One Call Away, and We Don’t Talk Anymore, featuring Selena Gomez.

Despite not releasing an album since 2018; he is a viral star on TikTok with almost 15 million followers.

Benny Blanco is a super producer and songwriter who has worked with numerous artists such as Halsey, Katy Perry, Maroon 5, Kesha, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Sia, The Weeknd, and Justin Bieber.

In one Charlie Puth TikTok video, he previews a song and Blanco stitched the video to slam the singer in response.

“Shut up, Charlie. You didn’t just make this song. You probably made this song two months ago and trying to squeeze every promo you can out of it. Fu**ing loser.”

Billie Eilish comes to Charlie Puth’s rescue with TikTok takedown of Blanco

After one of Benny Blanco’s many videos mocking Puth, Billie Eilish responded to the songwriter.

As with many of his TikTok disses, Blanco calls Charlie a loser.

Billie Eilish stitched the video to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Billie’s video in response to Benny starts with showing Benny bashing Puth and saying, “You’re a f**king loser, Puth. Look at you. You sit in a room all day and make TikToks.”

The “Bad Guy” singer then makes an unamused face in the clip and replies, “What do you do all day, Benny?” before pointing at the camera, adding: “The same thing. Literally, the same thing.”

Eilish hinted that she had more unreleased videos in the caption, which reads: “#stitch with @itsbennyblanco #drafts.”

“imagine how much drafts she has and don’t post ?????,” one comment reads.

Pic credit:@billieeilish/TikTok

Has Billie Eilish silenced Benny Blanco?

Some TikTok users noticed Blanco has been silent on the app since the Grammy-winning singer responded to his bullying of Puth

“benny been quiet for a while now,” one comment reads

In his comment section, the producer was also taunted as fans celebrated Eilish’s response.

However, others were curious about what the Bad Guy singer has in the drafts, such as a hair transformation.

TikTok comments
Pic credit:@billieeilish/TikTok

“i know u have a transition draft from blonde to brown in ur drafts now post it,” one TikTok user requested.

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