Celia Babini and Karly Moreno perform FRIENDS by Marshmello and Anne-Marie on The Voice

Celia Babini and Karly Moreno perform FRIENDS on The Voice
Celia Babini and Karly Moreno perform FRIENDS on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

Monday night’s episode of The Voice showed part two of the battle round performances. Although all of the singers did a great job, sometimes the first performers catch the most attention.

Celia Babini and Karly Moreno from Adam Levine’s team performed the song FRIENDS by Marshmello and Anne-Marie. The two singers shared a lot of contrast that made them the perfect singing duo.

The breath-taking performance

Celia Babini stole many hearts when she sang Billie Eilish’s idontwannabeyouanymore, her strong voice getting all four chair turns. Karly Moreno caught the judges’ attention as well, having a perfect voice for pop music.

The two performed against each other on the battle rounds, and it was clear that a friendship had been formed between the two in the time leading up to this battle.

Moreno’s voice was strong and clear, surprising judges with her strength after her auditions. Babini impressed the judges as well, her strong, low tone winning over the judges.

Although both of them performed spectacularly, Adam Levine had to make a choice as to which one would remain on his team. After much avoidance, he chose Celia Babini. However, that wasn’t the end for Karly Moreno.

Karly Moreno’s redemption

Although Adam Levine didn’t choose Karly Moreno after the battle round, one judge, in particular, decided to steal her and add her to his own team. Blake Shelton was so impressed by Moreno’s strong performance during the battle rounds that he decided that he had to have her.

The fans and judges were surprised but after some thinking, it makes sense as to why Blake Shelton would want Karly Moreno on his team. She definitely brings a new pop aspect to his team that could make him the winner of this season of The Voice.

The other judges were thrilled that Shelton chose to steal Moreno for his own team. In fact, they were so impressed that Adam Levine complimented Shelton, telling him how awesome he is. Much to Blake Shelton’s surprise, Levine wasn’t joking about Shelton’s awesomeness.

Fans are definitely waiting to see what Blake Shelton can do with Karly Moreno on his team. She has shown a lot of improvement just from the auditions to the battle rounds, so there’s a lot of potential for the young singer.

The Voice airs Mondays at 8/7c on NBC.

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