Who is helping Adam Levine coach on The Voice?

Who is helping Adam Levine coach on The Voice?
Charlie Puth and Adam Levine on The Voice. Pic credit: charlieputh on Instagram

Adam Levine chose a special person to be his helping hand on The Voice this season — musical artist Charlie Puth.

Levine and Puth have commented on each other’s bromance on The Voice, talking about how they met and how close their friendship is.

However, many fans are wondering exactly who Charlie Puth is and what he’s accomplished in order to coach with Adam Levine on The Voice.

Charlie Puth’s history with The Voice

Although Puth is more popular now, this is not his first time he’s been on The Voice as a team mentor.

Longtime fans of The Voice may recall that Charlie Puth acted as the team mentor for Alicia Keys in season 11 in 2016. Puth also performed his single Attention on The Voice in 2017.

Adam Levine dotes on Charlie Puth on the show, talking about how they met while driving on the Pacific Coast Highway. Levine noted as well that he stole Puth’s sweatshirt, but Puth backed him up, admitting that they probably have half of each other’s belongings scattered between their houses.

The two share a wonderful friendship and bromance that almost makes us question Adam Levine’s loyalty to Blake Shelton.

Charlie Puth’s musical growth

Charlie Puth first made it big when he collaborated with Wiz Khalifa on See You Again back in 2015. Now, Puth is 27 and he’s only gaining popularity with age.

Puth’s rise to fame wasn’t exactly easy. In an article with The New York Times, Puth admits that he gets anxious a lot when he’s alone. He’s noted for cursing out Justin Bieber after Selena Gomez joined Charlie Puth in the hit single We Don’t Talk Anymore.

However, Puth was quick to apologize and regrets his negative actions. Charlie Puth has been very open with his vulnerability, especially when it comes to the difficulties he faced on his road to fame, which makes him seem more human than most celebrities.

Charlie Puth released his second album, Voicenotes, in May 2018. Voicenotes gained positive reviews and popularity faster than anticipated, but so far it’s all working in Puth’s favor.

Charlie Puth has a lot of talent, and fans of The Voice are excited to see what this mysterious pop artist can do with Adam Levine, so long as their bromance doesn’t get in the way of their creativity.

However, it doesn’t appear that any type of friendship will get in the way of creating great pop music and singers on The Voice.

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