Friends reboot: Jennifer Aniston addresses rumors on Ellen

Jennifer Aniston On Ellen
Jennifer Aniston appearing on the October 28 episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Pic credit: EllenShow/YouTube

Rumors of a Friends reboot or an official cast reunion follow actress Jennifer Aniston everywhere. It’s likely the same for the rest of the six main characters from the hit show, but she is in the spotlight more often than the other five.

On Monday, Aniston went on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to speak about her new project, The Morning Show, which debuts November 1 on Apple TV. It’s a new show that will co-star Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell.

But back to the rumors of a Friends reboot, as Aniston gave a specific answer to that discussion on Monday afternoon. Aniston finished up her segment with Ellen and then singer Charlie Puth came out for his interview with Ellen.

He spoke about being a huge fan of Friends and Ellen brought Aniston back out to meet a fan (Puth).

As seen in the clip below, Puth said that he was shaking with excitement just to be on the same episode as Aniston, and he noted that he hoped that there would be a reunion.

He also spoke about hanging out with Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow recently, but that he had never met Aniston.

Puth was almost at a loss for words when Aniston came out, saying at one point “I’m dying.” He also called the experience “phenomenal.”

As for Aniston addressing the rumors of a Friends reboot, she gave an emphatic “no” to that specific question. She didn’t deny that a reunion might be taking place, though, and Aniston also hinted that something was in the works.

What could that be? Without specifics, it just creates even more rumors about the situation.

Aniston didn’t deny whether a movie was in the works when Ellen asked about it, but she also appeared a tad nervous about answering with specifics.

Meanwhile, Puth was enjoying every moment of sharing the time on stage with Aniston. Make sure to watch the video above to experience their shared interview in full.

Below, Ellen also asked Aniston to guest-host the show at a future date. Take a look to see what she had to say about it.

While Jennifer Aniston hasn’t given confirmation of anything Friends related, other than that there are no plans for a reboot in place, it’s exciting to hear that they are working on “something.”

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