Fans are accusing rapper Dusty Locane of copying Pop Smoke’s style: Here is what you need to know about the allegations

Rapper Dusty Locane
Rap fans are accusing rapper Dusty Locane of copying Pop Smoke’s style. Pic credit: Dusty Locane/YouTube

Some fans are accusing the New York rapper Dusty Locane of copying Pop Smoke’s rap style and flow.

According to some rap fans, Dusty Locane’s rap delivery sounds so similar to Pop Smoke’s that anyone listening to an audio of Locane could mistake him for the late Brooklyn rapper.

Some fans have cited Dusty Locane’s recently released single Rolando (Caught In The Rain) to back up their claims that Dusty Locane is purposely copying Pop Smoke’s style to gain clout.

Many Pop Smoke fans who saw the music video for Locane’s Rolando (Caught In The Rain) were upset that the rapper appeared to be copying Smoke’s style, flow, and mannerisms, and they took to the YouTube comments section to express their disapproval.

“He just copying Pop Smoke lmao,” one fan commented.

“It’s h**la disrespectful, bro just finessed Pop’s entire flow, voice, vocal tuning, reverb and even the growl at the start, thinking he’ll go viral off a dead man.”


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Some fans came to Dusty Locane’s defense

But some fans defended Dusty Locane, saying that it is only incidental that Locane sounds like Pop Smoke.

One fan argued that Dusty Locane sounds like Pop Smoke only because he has the same deep and resonant voice, the same New York accent, and performs the same Brooklyn drill rap style.

“Go listen to the only interview he got. His voice sounds deep as h**l like it does in the song,” one fan wrote. “Just cause he has a New York accent and deep **s voice doesn’t mean he’s tryin to sound like Pop.”

The claim sparked more debate, with some insisting that Locane sounding like Pop Smoke is not incidental and that he is copying Smoke’s style.

“Its one thing to have a deep voice but when you copying adlibs and lyrics its just d*** riding,” a Pop Smoke fan protested.

Is Dusty Locane Pop Smoke’s cousin?

There’s a rumor making the rounds on multiple online forums that Dusty Locane is Pop Smoke’s cousin and that he is rapping like Pop Smoke to pay homage to his late cousin.


Pop Smoke’s brother denied that Locane is the late rapper’s cousin

However, a young man who is reportedly Pop Smoke’s brother previously denied the claim that Locane and Pop Smoke are cousins (see video below).

The denial led some to argue that Locane calls Pop Smoke cousin only because they are close and that it was only a “crip thing.”

“Fact bro it’s the Crip slang, not literally his cuz but he is cuz. ya digg?” one YouTube user explained.

“Crip” in this context refers to Locane and Smoke’s alleged local gang affiliation.

Following the clarification that Locane called Pope Smoke cousin as a “crip thing,” many fans continued to accuse Dusty Locane of copying Pop Smoke’s style to gain clout.

“I like dusty but he’s tryna use pop smokes name so bad for clout,” a YouTube user complained. “Pop smokes brother himself says pop and dusty were not even that close as dusty claims.”

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Exposing Bozos
Exposing Bozos
2 years ago

dusty isn’t tryna copy pop smoke he’s tryna finish what pop started he’s carrying on pops legacy, bozos.

2 years ago
Reply to  Exposing Bozos

My guy there can never be another pop smoke there is only one pop smoke not two okay