Cardi B coronavirus rant remix by DJ Snake released as rapper says she wants official music video of first version

Cardi B
Rapper Cardi B’s coronavirus rant remix has gone viral on social media. Pic credit: ©

DJ Snake has created a mini-remix of Cardi B’s now infamous coronavirus rant.

It comes after the rapper said she wanted an official music video made of a previous viral remix by DJ iMarkkeyz, titled the Cardi B ‘Coronavirus (Sh*t Is Real!)’ Remix.

Cardi B blasts government over coronavirus

The remixes follow Cardi B taking to Instagram last week to share videos showing her ranting about the coronavirus pandemic.

In a first video posted to Instagram on March 11, she expressed her fears about the unexpected outbreak in an expletive-ridden outburst:

“Government lemme tell ya m*****f**king something… I don’t know what this f**k this coronavirus is about. I don’t understand how this s**t was from Wuhan, China, now all of a sudden this s**t is on m*****f**king tour…  S**t got me panicking, and a lot of you m*****f**kers think it’s a joke.”

In another video posted on Instagram on March 12, she vents her frustration at the government and wants to know how long the coronavirus pandemic will last:

“Government, government, government… You wanna know something? I know s**t getting real… Is this Coronavirus going to be a couple of weeks type of s**t or a couple of months type of s**t? Let me know so I can start m*****f**king racking up on foods… so a b***h can move to m*****f**king Antarctica.”

Cardi B’s coronavirus rant goes viral after DJ iMarkkeyz remix

Cardi B’s coronavirus rant went viral after DJ iMarkkeyz’s Cardi B ‘Coronavirus (Sh*t Is Real!)’ Remix emerged on social media and YouTube (see video below).

Cardi B says she wants a music video for DJ iMarkkeyz’s remix

Cardi B later saw a video of people dancing to DJ iMarkkeyz’s coronavirus remix at a night club in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, as shown in the Twitter video below. She liked it so much she said she might do a music video based on it, adding that she wanted to ask Atlantic Records to put it on Spotify.

DJ Snake now has a new version of Cardi B’s coronavirus rant

Since then, popular French music producer DJ Snake has created another remix version of the Cardi B coronavirus rant.

The new version remixes the part of Cardi B’s rant where she says:

“If you’re wondering why your… weave or your fashion… packages haven’t arrived… Guess what B***h… (laughter!) coronavirus!… coronavirus!… I’m telling you… it’s getting real… coronavirus!”

The resulting track, titled Corona Virus, transforms the rapper’s rant into an eerie dancehall hit:

DJ Snake, real name William Sami Étienne Grigahcine, is known for his 2013 singles Bird Machine (feat. Alesia) and Turn Down for What (featuring Lil Jon). In 2015, he released the single Lean On, in collaboration with MØ and Diplo’s Major Lazer.

Other hit singles by DJ Snake include Magenta Riddim and Taki Taki (featuring Cardi B, Selena Gomez, and Ozuna), released in 2018.

The Cardi B remixes add some light relief to the daily stream of negative news stories surrounding coronavirus, which has been causing chaos in the entertainment industry as a whole.

We told earlier today how soap opera Days of Our Lives, as well as The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful have all suspended production.

Meanwhile, we revealed this morning how the cast of Big Brother Germany have no idea about the extent of the coronavirus outbreak around the world — and will be told about the pandemic live on TV tonight.

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