Zachary Levi wants Kingdom Come to be a DCEU film

Kingdom Come
Kingdom Come battle. Pic credit: DC Comics

Zachary Levi has become a popular addition to the DCEU, playing the kid-turned-adult superhero in Shazam!

Now, Levi wants one of the most famous Shazam stories of all time to be a major DCEU film: 1996’s Kingdom Come series.

Shazam vs Superman

The comic (created by artist Alex Ross with writer Mark Waid) is set in the future where Superman and most of the “old guard” heroes have retired.

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In their place is a new generation of meta-humans who don’t care about the damage of their actions.

When a disaster wipes out Kansas, Superman returns to try and help the world. But the Man of Steel finds himself unsure how to handle a new era and unknowingly setting the stage for a more dangerous conflict.

The series was notable for mixing aged versions of classic DC heroes (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman) with new anti-heroes like Magog.

A major part of the storyline is Shazam (at the time, still known in the DC Universe as Captain Marvel) brainwashed by Lex Luthor and engaging in an epic fight with Superman.

With its 25th anniversary approaching, the saga has been regarded by comic book fans as one of the best stories in DC history.

Shazam’s support

Speaking to a fan on Twitter, Levi shared his love of the original story and would enjoy a live-action version.

Alex Ross tweeted his own support for the idea as well.

The chances of this epic coming to life may be slim, but the possibility exists. Shazam ended with a cameo from Superman, and comic fans would enjoy seeing these two heroes duking it out.

Bringing the Kingdom to life

Wonder Woman 1984
Wonder Woman 1984 is not on HBO Max right now. Pic credit: Warner Bros

It happens that elements of the storyline have been used in live-action already, mostly in The CW Arrowverse “Crisis on Infinite Earths” event.

In that event, Brandon Routh reprised his big-screen role of Superman in what was clearly the same world as “Kingdom Come.”

In the storyline, an aged Bruce Wayne wears an exoskeleton. In “Crisis,” Kevin Conroy (who voiced Batman in the 1990s Animated Series) plays a Bruce wearing a similar costume.

Also, Gal Gadot’s armored winged costume from Wonder Woman 1984 is directly lifted from the comic.

Currently, Levi is prepping for 2023’s Shazam: Fury of the Gods. Dwayne Johnson will be playing Shazam’s long-time archenemy Black Adam in his own solo film, due out in 2022, and could likely appear in the sequel.

That may make it unlikely for a Kingdom movie, yet seeing the DCEU actors as aged versions of themselves (ala X-Men: Days of Future Past) would be a major draw for fans.

There is also the possibility of DC simply adapting it as an animated film as they have other popular comic storylines.

This year marks the silver anniversary of Kingdom Come. Announcing a film version of this acclaimed story would be a fitting celebration, especially if Levi becomes involved.

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