The Batman review: The brave, the bold, and the exceptionally long

The Batman franchise is reborn following a giant shadow left behind in the wake of The Dark Knight trilogy (and Ben Affleck’s exit). This time with a moodier, Kurt Cobain inspired Bruce Wayne portrayed by a whispering Robert Pattinson as the caped crusader. Director Matt Reeves’ new vision of the iconic hero throws out spectacle


J.J. Abrams discusses if he would direct a DC Comics film

J.J. Abrams may not be adding another franchise to his director’s belt just yet. While the superstar writer/director is currently busy preparing a new version of Superman, and he’s finally addressing the chances that he would direct either this film or any other DC Comics franchise.  Abrams and franchises Abrams broke out in 2001, creating


10 characters we want to see on Superman & Lois

Since its debut, Superman & Lois has established itself as huge ratings win for the CW.  The latest incarnation of the Man of Steel is notable for concentrating less on superheroics and more on Clark Kent and wife Lois Lane moving to Smallville where Clark runs the family farm and Lois works for the local


Margot Robbie wants a Poison Ivy team-up for Birds of Prey 2

Margot Robbie wants to bring one of the DC Comics’ best partnerships to the big screen. In a new interview, the Harley Quinn actress has made it clear she’s doing her best to see that if Birds of Prey 2 is made, then Harley will join with Poison Ivy in a wild caper. Poison Ivy


10 surprising Batman team-ups you didn’t know happened

As one of the most popular superheroes on the planet, it’s no surprise Batman has seen more than his share of fantastic team-ups.  It’s not just with the usual DC heroes like Superman or Wonder Woman either. DC and Marvel have worked together for crossovers where Batman has met Captain America and Spider-Man for adventures.


10 Batman rip-offs who are actually great characters, ranked

Few characters in pop culture are so instantly recognizable as Batman. Like Superman, even those who have never read a comic book know who the Dark Knight is. Therefore, it’s easy for comic book writers to do their own versions of him. Many are obvious parodies that play off how brutal and obsessive Batman can


Zack Snyder wanted a classic Superman foe for Man of Steel 2

If Zack Snyder had his way, Man of Steel 2 would have featured a classic Superman foe. While promoting his Army of the Dead action film, the director is opening up on what he could have done for a second Henry Cavill Superman film, and it would have involved him clashing with a famous Superman


FX debuts first look at Y: The Last Man TV adaptation

While the DCEU is getting a lot of attention, other DC Comics series are getting some live-action treatment.  A new FX On Hulu promo features the first footage of the long-awaited Y: The Last Man series and promises to keep to that comic’s sweeping scope.  Y: The Last Man Running on DC’s now-defunct Vertigo line