FX debuts first look at Y: The Last Man TV adaptation

Y The Last Man
Y: the Last Man TV series Pic credit: FX

While the DCEU is getting a lot of attention, other DC Comics series are getting some live-action treatment. 

A new FX On Hulu promo features the first footage of the long-awaited Y: The Last Man series and promises to keep to that comic’s sweeping scope. 

Y: The Last Man

Running on DC’s now-defunct Vertigo line from 2002 to 2008, the comic begins with a mysterious plague that almost instantly wipes out every male (human, animal, and even embryo) on the planet. Naturally, the world is plunged into chaos, with the surviving women unsure what happened.

The only survivors are eccentric escape artist Yorick (Ben Schnetzer) and his pet monkey Ampersand. Yorick is less interested in how he survived than finding his girlfriend, Beth, who was in Australia when the plague happened. 

Yorick works his search into finding the cause of the plague and a possible cure. He’s partnered with Agent 355 (Ashley Romans), a member of an elite Secret Service unit, and geneticist Allison Mann (Diana Bang).

The trio crosses the country to see this massively changed world without men while keeping Yorick’s existence a secret. They must also deal with foreign agents out to grab the last man for their own plans.

The journey

The series has had a journey to the small screen as long as Yorick’s own adventures. 

After various aborted attempts at a movie version, FX announced plans for a TV adaptation in 2015. The book’s creator, Brian K. Vaughn, was attached to produce and worked on the pilot script. A pilot was ordered in 2018, but complications abounded. 

Original showrunners Michael Green and Aida Mashaka Croal exited in 2019, citing creative differences. Eliza Clark was named the new showrunner with Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson producers. 

The changes included some cast turnover as originally Barry Keoghan was cast as Yorick, Lashana Lynch was to play Agent 355, and Imogen Poots portrayed Yorick’s sister, Hero. They have now been replaced by Schnetzer, Romans, and Olivia Thirlby, respectively.

The series was to debut in 2020 but, like many productions, saw postponements due to the pandemic. In October of 2020, it was announced the show would air exclusively on FX On Hulu.

The series is still filming with an expected wrap date of July 2021 and a possible premiere date of late 2021/early 2022.

The breakout

Given that the series is still filming, it’s not surprising this isn’t a full trailer but merely brief moments from the pilot. They begin 24 seconds into the main promo.

They seem to have the initial outbreak of the plague with planes crashing from the sky and bombs being dropped. There’s also a scene of chaos in the streets with several car crashes.

Yorick himself does not appear, but there is a shot of Olivia Thirlby as Hero. In the comics, the plague drives her to join a militant group calling themselves the Amazons. There is also a shot of Diane Lane as Yorick and Hero’s mother, Congresswoman Jennifer Brown. 

Critics hailed the comic for its sharp writing and inventive turns on the gripping concept. The show is promising to keep to that with touches such as all episodes being directed by women.

While the exact date is unknown, this footage is good news for fans who have waited years to see Y: the Last Man finally start his epic journey.

Y: The Last Man to debut on FX On Hulu in late 2021/early 2022.

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