10 characters we want to see on Superman & Lois

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Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch as Superman & Lois Lane. Pic credit: The CW

Since its debut, Superman & Lois has established itself as huge ratings win for the CW. 

The latest incarnation of the Man of Steel is notable for concentrating less on superheroics and more on Clark Kent and wife Lois Lane moving to Smallville where Clark runs the family farm and Lois works for the local newspaper.

Meanwhile, the pair deals with their younger son Jordan inheriting his father’s powers, while older brother Jonathan deals with being the son of Superman. 

The series explores some unique dynamics like a Luthor of an alternate world while Lois’ father, General Sam Lane, is unsure how to trust the Man of Steel. 

So far, the series is content focusing on the main cast with the occasional touch of Clark’s childhood love Lana Lang in town. But with a second season confirmed, it would be fun to see more Superman characters arriving. 

From ones who already exist in the Arrowverse to new takes on old faces, these are ten characters who would be terrific on Superman & Lois to liven up the super-family drama. 


Eve Torres as Maxima in Supergirl. Pic credit: CBS

This is an unusual pick, but it can be a fun one to play with. 

The ruler of the planet Almerac, Maxima is a superstrong telekinetic who seeks the “perfect mate.” She believes that’s Superman and ignores the tiny detail he’s not interested in her. 

She appeared in a brief role in Supergirl played by former WWE star Eve Torres but deserves more attention. Maxima could drop by Smallville, still trying to “woo” Clark, which naturally angers Lois.

There can also be the fun dynamic of this alien knockout wowing Jonathan and Jordan.

Despite her ego, Maxima has a heroic streak in her that the series could develop rather than being just a catfight.  

Lucy Lane

Lucy Lane
Jenna Dewan as Lucy Lane on Supergirl. Pic credit: CBS

Lois’ father is already a prime player on the show, so it would be fun to see her sister popping in.

The dynamic has always been notable as Lucy followed their dad into the military and believes in his mission while Lois is more inclined to help Clark.

Supergirl’s first season had her played by Jenna Dewan, who discovered Kara’s identity, which means she now knows who Clark is. 

Even if Dewan doesn’t return to the role, it would be fun to have Lucy backing up Sam in missions while working out her issues with Lois. 

The sisterly bond would be a way to humanize the series, plus having Lucy as the “cool aunt” for Johnathan and Jordan. 

Pete Ross

Pete Ross
Sam Jones III as Pete Ross on Smallville. Pic credit: The CW

A longtime supporting player in the comics, Pete Ross was Clark Kent’s best friend in Smallville. It was a significant contrast of the jock Pete helping “nerdy” Clark.

A fun touch was Pete knew Clark was Superboy, but kept his secret and eventually married Lana Lang. 

The Smallville series also had Pete as a great friend to Clark, but he’s been absent from the Superman comics lately.

This would be time to bring Pete back, still living in Smallville, to rekindle the friendship with Clark and be a secret aide in keeping his identity quiet while giving Clark someone besides Lois to talk to about his problems. 


Krypto on Titans. Pic credit: HBO Max

A super-dog may seem a silly idea, but it can work right.

The comics had Krypto as a “test subject” for Jor-El’s rocket, who landed on Earth and aided a young Clark Kent. 

Yes, he could also fly and had heat vision while also super-smart and even leading a pack of “super-pets” in battle. DC briefly erased him from history, but he returned as it’s too good a concept to lose.

They might alter it to a dog changed by experiments into a powered being, but it would be fun seeing Jonathan and Jordan keeping his powers quiet from their parents for some hijinks.

While the Titans series has Krypto, it’d be nice for the Kents to get a version of their own.


Steel John Henry Irons Pic credit: DC Comics

Among the biggest heroes inspired by Superman, John Henry Irons would fit perfectly for the show.

A former weapons designer, Superman inspired Irons to create a suit of armor with a hammer as Steel. He’s served with the Justice League, an engineering genius who can also be a tank in battle.

Superman & Lois can build Steel up in the show, helping Superman with his technical know-how to eventually donning armor to help him out. 

It would also be a good way to erase the memories of the awful Shaquille O’Neal movie.

This is a character screaming out for a spin-off of his own, and the series can do a fine job showing him a hero in his own right. 


Lobo Pic credit: DC Comics

It’s offbeat, but Lobo has a history with Superman.

The sole survivor of his Czarnian race (because he killed all the rest), the psychotic galactic bounty hunter has often battled Superman, either as a target or just to enjoy a good brawl.

The usually sardonic and twisted Lobo actually respects Superman as one of the few who can stand up to him while needling him on his “goody-goody” side.

Lobo appeared on the Krypton series, and it would make sense he drops by hunting an alien target and fighting with Superman. It could show the quirky charisma that’s made him a fan-favorite character. 

Chloe Sullivan

Chloe Sullivan
Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan on Smallville Pic credit: The CW

Created for the Smallville TV series, Chloe Sullivan was Clark’s best friend and aiding him in tracking “meteorite freaks” in the town.

As the series went on, Chloe became an expert hacker called Watchtower, helping Clark and other heroes. She even got into a relationship with that world’s Green Arrow.

While obviously, Allison Mack isn’t available, it might be fun for a new take on Chloe, perhaps as a young reporter for Lois whose online expertise can help crack investigations.

It can also play on her as an old friend who figured out Clark’s secret and is ready to help. It’d be intriguing seeing this major Smallville face remade for the Arrowverse. 

Jimmy Olsen

Jimmy Olsen
Mechad Brooks as Jimmy Olsen on Supergirl Pic credit: The CW

Supergirl changed up Superman’s old photographer friend to a stronger hero in his own right. 

This Jimmy knew who Clark was and enjoyed helping both him and Kara. He even took up his own identity as the masked Guardian.

When last seen, Jimmy had returned to his hometown and become editor of its newspaper. He might decide to pop in Smallville to help Lois on a story and work with Clark again.

It would be good to see Mehcad Brooks in the role again and Superman’s pal hanging with the Man of Steel for some new adventures. 

Lex Luthor

Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor in Supergirl
Jon Cryer will reprise his role as Lex Luthor in the Arrowverse crossover, “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Pic credit: The CW.

Superman is dealing with the Luthor (Wole Parks) of an alternate Earth where Kal went evil. 

But it seems hard to believe that at no time will Superman’s most iconic nemesis show up. 

Jon Cryer has been fantastic on Supergirl, showing Luthor genuinely believing he is defending Earth from a possible alien overlord and seeing himself as the hero. It’s better in the post-Crisis world where the public believes Luthor is a philanthropist. 

As Luthor is obsessed with destroying Superman, he can’t ignore him dropping out of sight in Metropolis. Instead, he’ll continue to play his twisted game, which can get Lois and the boys in trouble.

If anything sparks up a second season of the show, it’s seeing Superman and the true Luthor going head-to-head. 


Melissa Benoist as Supergirl Pic credit: The CW

It seems it’s simply odd scheduling that’s kept Melissa Benoist from appearing in the series as Superman’s famous cousin. 

With her own show ending this summer, Supergirl would be more open for a few guest appearances to help Superman or even just hang around Smallville for a while. 

It would be fun to watch Kara click with Jonathan and Jordan, aiding the latter, learning about his powers and reminding them how to balance a human life with the super-heroics.

There’s also the dynamic of how Kara remembers when Kal was an infant and finds it amusing how others hail him as this great hero. 

Hopefully, the second season brings her in as it would only be fair for Supergirl to appear on the spin-off she helped create. 

Superman and Lois returns at 9 pm EST May 18 on The CW.

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