Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam: Who is the DC Comics character The Rock is playing?

dwayne johnson to play black adam in 2021 film
Dwayne Johnson will play DC Comics’ Black Adam in the 2021 movie. Pic credit: @ImageCollect/Nancy Kaszerman via ZUMA Wire

While Marvel has unveiled numerous superheroes on the big screen over the past decade or so, DC is slowly getting new heroes and villains into movies.

One of DC’s upcoming films will feature former WWE star Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam. The man known as The Rock within WWE has now transitioned to Hollywood and will get his chance at a dream role.

Johnson unveiled the official release date on Thursday, which has some fans wondering what sort of character he will be.

Dwayne Johnson reveals Black Adam release date

Thursday’s Instagram post from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson showed off concept art for his upcoming DC Comics superhero Black Adam. The image shows a bald-headed hero in a dark costume with flowing cape and glaring eyes. Lightning bolts are shown around him as well as on the front and center of his costume.

The Rock also provided a caption about his early dreams of being a superhero and realizing he wasn’t fit to play Superman. However, he mentions how Black Adam is the kind of character he is perfect to play due to the superhero’s difference.

The Rock says Black Adam “doesn’t toe the mark or walk the line” like Superman, but does things in his own way.

Another major detail included in the IG post is the release date. Black Adam will make his way into theaters just ahead of Christmas 2021. Yes, that’s quite a wait, but it gives plenty of time to build up anticipation for Johnson’s newest flick. Fans will have to check out his latest project, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, in the meantime.

Who is DC Comics’ Black Adam?

The character first appeared in 1945’s Marvel Family #1 as a creation by Otto Binder and C.C. Beck, according to DC Wiki. They note that Black Adam is a “sometimes anti-hero” who was an ancient Egyptian prince given powers by the wizard Shazam. Black Adam survived into the modern era, so it’s possible The Rock’s film will show the origin and transition.

As far as his powers go, they are similar to Superman, as Johnson mentioned. Black Adam possesses superhuman stamina, invulnerability, strength, speed, and flight. He can also control and emit magical lightning and thunder. In addition, Black Adam is extremely intelligent and has wise judgment, as well as courage and hand-to-hand combat skills.

Black Adam is often considered a supervillain in DC Comics and was an adversary to the superhero Shazam. Zachary Levi portrayed the DC hero in the Shazam! movie that came out in April 2018. The plan appears to be to bring out the Black Adam movie in 2021 and then have the character return for the Shazam! sequel.

Johnson mentions in his Instagram post that Black Adam will be a superhero, though, who has powers on the level of Superman and does things his way. His post also says that he’ll “always do what’s right for the people.”

So, it seems that Black Adam will at least be heroic for one of the two film appearances and possibly square off against Shazam in that sequel.

Either way, fans are ready to see if Hollywood’s biggest star can bring it when it comes to the world of DC Comics superheroes and villains.

The New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. film Black Adam arrives on December 22, 2021.

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