Will there be a sequel to The Old Guard? Here’s the likelihood of a Part 2 after the 2020 debut

The Old Guard on Netflix
A scene from The Old Guard on Netflix. Pic credit: Aimee Spinks/Netflix

The Old Guard hit Netflix this past week and introduced the world to a team of immortal warriors that have been saving lives for centuries. We reviewed The Old Guard here.

However, the movie ended with an interesting scene that has many people wondering if there are more movies planned.

Here is what we know about a sequel for The Old Guard.

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Spoilers follow for The Old Guard.

The Old Guard spoilers

The Old Guard is a Netflix original thriller that tells the story of a group of immortal warriors who took on tasks and fought on different sides of various causes throughout the years.

As one of the team says, they are seen as good guys or bad guys depending on the era.

However, one thing that is discovered in the movie is that the team doesn’t even know what their actions have caused over the years.

A human named Copley (Chiwetel Ejiofor) had spent years researching the immortals to prove they really existed. At the same time, he had traced every person they saved over the years and proved that the people they saved went on to do very important things.

The people they saved had great meanings in the world, even though the Old Guard never knew it. They just did what they believed was right and were servants of fate.

At the same time, there were two other known members of The Old Guard that were only seen in flashbacks in the movie. One died, proving they were immortal but were not forever. The other was buried in the ocean in an iron casket and the team never found her despite looking for years.

These two items are what led to the idea of an Old Guard sequel.

For one, the team allowed Copley to live despite him being part of the plan to capture them and try to steal their powers. They knew his heart was in the right place but made a poor decision.

However, no one gets out free when they do something this wrong. Copley was told he will help them in the future by erasing every step they make from now on from existence, so no one can find them again as he did.

However, the second reason this could lead to a sequel was the final scene.

The team kicked out a member for 100 years for betraying them — once again for what he believed was the right reasons.

However, in the final scene of the movie, this character went home and when he walked into his apartment he saw someone there — the former member that was lost in the ocean and never found. She simply looked at him and said she had wanted to meet him for years.

The Old Guard: Will there be a sequel?

It is clear that The Old Guard was set up for a sequel.

The team has a tech guy on the inside now who can help them hide their tracks and possibly be their ears on the inside as they move on. That is just a nice bow on the story.

However, the fact that one of the original immortals is still alive, and likely crazy due to her countless deaths and rebirths in the ocean, there is a new former ally turned villain that might threaten their existence in the future.

The Old Guard just came out this past weekend and Netflix will have to see the numbers from the movie before they make a decision on whether or not to greenlight a sequel for another season.

This was originally supposed to be a theatrical release, one of several Greg Rucka comics that he licensed to become movies. Rucka himself admitted that he has an idea for a sequel, but admitted that it is not set in stone yet.

“We just finished the last issue of the second series of The Old Guard. We actually just sent the issue to press–it got delayed because of COVID stuff–that goes into the mythology,” Rucka said. “I imagine that, should we be fortunate enough to make a sequel, we’ll also be pursuing it further there.”

This means there is no sequel planned yet, but it has a story if Netflix decides to move on with a second movie.

The Old Guard is currently streaming on Netflix.

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James M Brown
James M Brown
3 years ago

Liked it. Can’t wait for part 2