The Old Guard soundtrack: What are the songs in the 2020 movie?

The Old Guard soundtrack has become one of the few aspects of the new movie that is drawing heavy criticism from viewers. In the film, a group of warriors who seem unable to die is facing their biggest threat yet, as an enemy is attempting to replicate their powers for monetary gain. While the movie


Does Andy die in The Old Guard?

Charlize Theron is back with a new action film on Netflix that has the internet ablaze. Titled The Old Guard — read our review here — the film takes on the concepts of superhuman healing with characters who have lived for centuries. This movie fits into the same vein as Wolverine — only with fewer


How old is Andy on The Old Guard?

Charlize Theron’s Andy character in Netflix’s movie The Old Guard has impressed fans as the kickass leader of a band of immortals who helped protect the earth from bad guys for many centuries. As well as being the leader, she’s also the eldest member of this exclusive group. But exactly how old is Andy? The


The Old Guard review: Is Netflix movie worth watching or not?

In 2017, Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernandez created the comic book series, The Old Guard. For fans who love superhero comics, there is a little of that genre here, but these are not superheroes. These are immortals that have walked the Earth for centuries and have possibly finally met their match. Now, The Old Guard