Does Andy die in The Old Guard?

Charlize Theron as Andy from The Old Guard
Charlize Theron as Andy from The Old Guard. Pic credit: Aimee Spinks/Netflix

Charlize Theron is back with a new action film on Netflix that has the internet ablaze. Titled The Old Guard — read our review here — the film takes on the concepts of superhuman healing with characters who have lived for centuries.

This movie fits into the same vein as Wolverine — only with fewer claws and adamantium.

That being said, the series has left a number of viewers with questions. One involves the cliffhanger and another involves Theron’s role as Andy.

Does Andy die in The Old Guard? Will Charlize Theron return for the sequel?

Here is information about whether or not Andy dies in The Old Guard on Netflix. Warning: Spoilers do follow!

Does Andy die in The Old Guard?

The reason viewers are fiendishly looking for this answer is that the film begins in an ambiguous place showing Andy and her immortal team lying dead, their bodies full of bullet wounds. Armed men loom over their lifeless bodies.

To further enhance the scene, Andy’s voiceover conveys her feelings about being sick of almost dying once more.

Moments later, the film lays out the introduction to these characters, showing what led up to this moment. As viewers learn, Andy and her team were hired by a CIA man named Copley (Chiwetel Ejiofor) to save a group of young girls in Sudan.

As the immortals embark on their mission, watchers are quickly returned to the scene of the film’s opening in which the entire team has been ambushed and shot to death. That is, until Andy, Nicky, Booker, and Joe rise back up and heal quickly while bullets fall from their wounds.

Like her three comrades, Andy survives this sequence. But does she die at the end of The Old Guard?

Does Andy die at the end of The Old Guard on Netflix?

Throughout the film, viewers are concerned with Andy’s survival much like they were for Wolverine in the film, Logan.

Andy has been around too long for her healing powers to work as they should and so, as the action-packed finale in Merrick’s lab takes place, anything is possible.

That said, thanks to Nile, a newcomer the immortal group, the villain Merrick is killed and tackled through a skyscraper window before being able to fire a bullet at Andy. Nile survives a fall on which she and Merrick’s body crash hard on the top of a vehicle.

The end of the film brings all of the immortal team — minus Booker, who has been banished for betraying the group — back to Copley’s office where he explains how much positive change their missions have historically caused. He insists they keep doing their good work.

In response, Andy demands he works for them by covering up all evidence of their existence and by finding them missions to tackle going forward.

He accepts Andy’s offer as the film draws to a close during which time the immortal leader remains very much alive and well.

Therefore, if a sequel is made, Charlize Theron would likely return.

The Old Guard is now streaming on Netflix.

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