The 2nd on Netflix: What is Ryan Phillippe movie about and is it worth watching?

Ryan Phillippe in The 2nd.
Ryan Phillippe in The 2nd. Pic credit: Momentum Pictures

With all the major upcoming Netflix releases, viewers have found an interest in an action movie not produced by the streaming service. That film is called The 2nd, which refers to the 2nd amendment.

The film, which stars Ryan Phillippe and Casper Van Dien, has caught the streamers’ attention. It’s currently trending at #3 on the platform. The question is, is the #3 ranking an indicator of quality?

Should you stream The 2nd, or should you watch other action movies on Netflix? Here is what Netflix viewers should know about the movie and whether it’s worth a stream.

What is The 2nd on Netflix about?

The film has a premise that takes a Die Hard style formula but throws it into a college setting.

Ryan Phillippe plays Major Vic Davis, a Secret Service agent picking up his son from college. A member of the Supreme Court has a daughter who attends the same university.

Much like Die Hard, Phillippe’s character finds himself in the crosshairs of domestic terrorists.

They intend to capture the daughter of the judge to protect a vote on the 2nd Amendment. The leader of the terrorists is Driver, played by Starship Troopers legend Casper Van Dien.

But the terrorists were not counting on one thing: Plot conveniences. Thankfully, Major Vic Davis appears at the right time, and the right place, and the right school, to save the day.

Let’s be honest, though. These kinds of plot conveniences can be extremely entertaining under a good screenwriter’s guidance. But does the film work?

The 2nd on Netflix: Is it worth a stream on Netflix?

The 2nd does not have very many critic reviews and absolutely no Tomatometer score on Rotten Tomatoes. However, there is an audience score, and it’s not very generous.

Based on 98 audience submissions, The 2nd has a 10-percent consensus on the website, and given that it’s from general audiences, that’s pretty bad.

That said, outlets like 411Mania called it a “must-see” despite some story flaws and political topics. So, perhaps this will be a guilty pleasure for some viewers.

Considering the audiences’ abysmal score, it’s probably a safe bet to find another decent action flick on Netflix. The platform has so many options, such as Den of Thieves or the exceptionally violent film The Night Comes for Us.

Audiences can also revisit Extraction and watch Chris Hemsworth break some legs again.

The 2nd is streaming now on Netflix.

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