Is The Conjuring based on a true story? Where is the real haunted house?

Image of Vera Farmiga in The Conjuring.
Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren in The Conjuring. Pic credit: Netflix

Coming to Netflix next month is the paranormal horror movie hit The Conjuring and its sequel, The Conjuring 2. Here’s everything you need to know about the true events depicted in the titular movie.

Who are Ed and Lorraine Warren? 

The Conjuring Cinematic Universe consists of a series of movies, it isn’t just limited to the two titular movies. This franchise also includes Annabelle, Annabelle: Creation, Annabelle: Come Home, The Nun, and The Curse of La Llorona.

Not all of these movies feature the leading paranormal investigator team of Ed and Lorraine Warren, who are played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. A few of the flicks focus entirely on being prequels or origin stories to introduce the demonic entities. 

However, the two investigators are featured in a majority of the movies. Wilson’s Ed Warren has been in five out of the seven movies, only playing a voiceover role in one. Farmiga’s Lorraine Warren has been in four out of the seven movies. 

It shocks most people to discover that the Warrens are real people. 

Although they are both deceased, Ed and Lorraine Warren were married paranormal investigators who lived in Connecticut. They have both published multiple books documenting their lives and their ghostly findings. 

While the investigations featured in The Conjuring movies are exaggerated and amplified for dramatic effect, they are based on real-life hauntings and the investigations done by the couple. 

The spooky artifacts seen in the movies used to be available for viewing at Warren’s Occult Museum which was run by Lorraine Warren herself. However, since the popularity of the movies, the museum has been closed down

Silly enough, back in 2020, a rumor circulated the internet stating the cursed Annabelle doll had escaped from the museum. The doll has a reported history of violent behavior and was labeled by the Warrens to be “demonically possessed.”

Horror fans everywhere breathed out a sigh of relief when it was discovered that this widespread rumor was a hoax.

In a YouTube video posted by the doll’s current owner Tony Spera, son-in-law of Lorraine Warren and paranormal researcher, he shared, “Let’s put the rumors to rest, guys. I appreciate all of the concern. I’d be concerned if Annabelle really did leave because she’s nothing to play with.”

It is safe to say that the doll is still on strict lockdown.

Is The Conjuring (2013) based on a true story? 

Yes, The Conjuring is based on a true story! The movie even solicited the support of Lorraine Warren and the real-life Perron family depicted in the movie. 

Lorraine Warren was heavily involved with the production of The Conjuring. She met with both actors, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, at her home in Connecticut. She was also present on the production set.

Although the movies are advertised as being “loosely based on a true story,” it has been reported that many of the major events in The Conjuring are consistent with the actual events that occurred. Cosmopolitan even stated, “Only one major detail was changed.”

Where is the house from The Conjuring? 

The house, previously owned by the Perron family, is located in Harrisville, Rhode Island. However, don’t try to seek it out. 

The current owners of the house, while willing to share their current updates on the house’s ongoing paranormal activity, were not pleased with the vandalizers and trespassers that visited their property after the movie premiered. They even sued Warner Bros for damages.

The eldest Perron child, Andrea Perron (played by Shanley Caswell in the movie), wrote a book detailing her experience growing up in the house and the 10 years of horrors that transpired after the events shown in The Conjuring movie.  

The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2 will be added to Netflix on February 21.

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Alice Tubbs
Alice Tubbs
2 years ago

I watched that movie and am convinced that their experiences were real…….

2 years ago

f**k you and ya mamma