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Dog Gone Trouble cast: Who voices Zoe and Rousey?

Production still from Dog Gone Trouble.
Dog Gone Trouble has a star-studded cast! Pic credit: Netflix

The animated family movie Dog Gone Trouble has been dominating the Netflix trending list! Nearing a week since its debut on the streaming platform, it still occupies the number two slot of most popular movies and television shows on Netflix in the United States.

This fun-loving movie tells the story of an orphaned dog named Trouble. After his matriarch passed away, it is discovered that she left her entire estate to him, causing a major fight among the dog-hating family. After Trouble finds himself packed away by movers and lost in a new city, he befriends a kind woman named Zoe.

Netflix writes, “The privileged life of a pampered dog named Trouble is turned upside-down when he gets lost and must learn to survive on the big-city streets.”

Aside from this movie’s sweet storyline, Dog Gone Trouble also has a star-studded cast. Lending his voice to the pampered dog Trouble is rapper Big Sean. The flick also features the voices of Betty White, Damon Wayans Jr., Joel McHale, Jason Mraz and many more.

Who voices Zoe in Dog Gone Trouble?

Pretty Little Liars’ actor Lucy Hale voices the character Zoe Bell in Dog Gone Trouble. This isn’t the singer-actor’s first time gracing the Netflix screen, she also starred in the Netflix coming-of-age drama Dude, alongside Awkwafine and Austin Butler.

Hale has a lot of fun in Dog Gone Trouble and even lends her voice to an original song called Back to Earth. There is an acoustic version of the song and a pop version, they also include vocals from singers Jason Mraz and Snoop Dog.

The character has a spunky personality and first appears zooming on the highway, driving a bright pink moped. Zoe is revealed to be an aspiring singer who’s currently moonlighting as a pizza delivery driver.

Who voices Rousey in Dog Gone Trouble?

Rousey is another character that has left fans wanting more. The gray pit bull is voiced by actor Pamela Adlon, who is best known for starring in the Showtime drama Californication and doing voice-over work in Rugrats, Recess and King of the Hill.

In Dog Gone Trouble, Adlon voices one of Trouble’s friends, Rousey, a stray pit bull who has her doubts about humans after being abandoned by her owners.

Screenshot from the Dog Gone Trouble trailer.
Pic credit: Netflix Futures/YouTube

Dog Gone Trouble has been a hit according to Netflix’s trending list. It is one hour and 28 minutes and has been described by the platform as a “goofy” and “feel-good” movie.

Dog Gone Trouble is currently streaming on Netflix.