3 new movies on Netflix to watch this weekend: Dog Gone Trouble, Blue Miracle and Ghost Lab

Posts for three movies coming to Netflix: Dog Gone Trouble, Blue Miracle and Ghost Lab.
Dog Gone Trouble, Blue Miracle and Ghost Lab are new movies on Netflix. Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix has been on a roll with dropping new content. Recently, the movies The Woman in the Window and Army of the Dead have received tons of media attention, with both flicks streaming exclusively on Netflix. But moving towards the end of May, things are beginning to slow down.

Thankfully, there’s nothing to worry about, as June is shaping up to be a big month for Netflix. Many new television shows and movies will be added to the platform, such as the Robert Downey Jr. produced series Sweet Tooth and the movie Fatherhood, led by comedian Kevin Hart.

Despite this, there are still three new movies to watch on Netflix this weekend. Each of these movies premiered this week and are heading into their debuting weekend. They are destined for success as this weekend is a federal holiday weekend in the United States, meaning there are more people than usual at home to watch television.

Of these three movies, two of them are family-friendly and the last one is a horror movie that’s rated TV-MA. The three movies are Dog Gone Trouble, Blue Miracle and Ghost Lab.

If you’re done binge-watching the new episodes of Lucifer and The Kominsky Method which also premiered this week, check these movies out.

Dog Gone Trouble

Dog Gone Trouble is an animated, family-friendly comedy. It has an all-star cast with prominent celebrities lending their voice to the project. Familiar voices in the movie are Snoop Dog, Lucy Hale, Big Sean and Betty White.

Netflix describes the movie as, “The privileged life of a pampered dog named Trouble is turned upside-down when he gets lost and must learn to survive on the big-city streets.”

Dog Gone Trouble’s airtime is one hour and 28 minutes and the movie is rated TV-Y7. It premiered internationally in 2019 with a limited release but this week marks its distribution in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Blue Miracle

Blue Miracle is a sweet story about an all-boys orphanage called Casa Hogar. This PG-13 movie tells the real-life tale of Casa Hogar‘s financial struggle after being struck by Hurricane Odile.

Throughout the movie, the orphanage director “Papa” Omar (Jimmy Gonzales) teams up with a jaded fisherman (played by Dennis Quaid) in order to enter the world’s biggest fishing competition which has a cash price of $250,000. Omar brings a few of his boys along with him in hopes that it’ll be a positive educational experience for them.

Blue Miracle premiered on Netflix on Thursday, May 27 and within 24 hours, it has made its way onto the trending list in the United States. It currently sits at number three on the streaming platform.

Ghost Lab

Lastly, there’s the Thai horror-comedy Ghost Lab. This spooky movie debuted on Netflix on Wednesday, May 26, and has been described as “dark” and “scary” by the streaming platform.

Netflix writes, “A research experiment about the afterlife goes awry when Gla and Wee, two medical doctor buddies see a ‘ghost’ with their own eyes for the first time, an encounter that spawns an insatiable binge to find a scientific explanation for ghostly spirits, and to find proof of an afterlife.”

However, it doesn’t end there, the description continues to pave the way to a spine-chilling story as it adds, “Their fixation and reckless pursuit of knowledge will take them down a rabbit hole that will cost them their friendship, and their loved ones.”

Dog Gone Trouble, Blue Miracle and Ghost Lab are all streaming on Netflix.

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