Netflix releases Sweet Tooth trailer for upcoming DC series

Netflix releases Sweet Tooth trailer for upcoming DC series
Becky, Gus, and Tommy Jepperd in Sweet Tooth. Pic credit: Netflix

One day after DC Comics released a promotional poster for Sweet Tooth, Netflix released a full-length trailer for the upcoming streaming series.

There was an earlier Sweet Tooth teaser trailer, but it consisted mostly of images and never conveyed what the series is actually about.

That has changed as Netflix just released a trailer that lays out the story and the main characters, so streamers know what to expect when it hits in June.

New Netflix Sweet Tooth trailer

The new Netflix Sweet Tooth trailer shows the principal character, a young hybrid boy/deer named Sweet Tooth who is trying to survive in a world where men kill what they fear.

It opens with a man carrying a baby boy into Yellowstone National Park with a voice over explaining what the world in this Netflix series looks like.

“Once upon a time, bad people ruled the Earth,” the man explains. “They were greedy and self-destructive. So nature made everyone sick. And then a miracle happened. They called them hybrids. Your kind.”

That is when it shows Sweet Tooth as a young boy and his father (Will Forte) telling him this story.

“And it’s your job to live a full life,” he finished. “But some bad people are still out there, Gus.”

He then quizzes the boy, who said if he hears voices, he will run, and if he sees a human, he will hide.

This is when the trailer shows the actual characters we will follow during the Sweet Tooth Netflix series and how dangerous this world is.

Sweet Tooth storyline

DC Comics writer Jeff Lemire created Sweet Tooth for its Vertigo banner in 2009. Robert Downey Jr. and Susan Downey executive produce the series for Netflix.

Christian Convery is Gus, a young boy who is a deer hybrid and is trying to find a way to Colorado, where he said there is a haven for hybrids like him to live in peace.

However, there are people hunting down the hybrid children and murdering them. These are The Last Men, and they are unnervingly similar to several fringe groups in the United States today who hate anyone not like them.

Neil Sandilands (Titus from The 100) is a key antagonist as General Steven Abbott.

Gus, who takes on the nickname Sweet Tooth, meets Tommy Jepperd (Nonso Anozie, Game of Thrones), and convinces him to help him.

Jepperd explains that Sweet Tooth wouldn’t last a day out there alone, and when the boy says he has the big man to protect him, he said men like him aren’t good for people like Sweet Tooth.

As Sweet Tooth said, too many people hate him anyway for what he is, so the two end up setting out together.

There is also a great scene where a group of people said that The Last Men have made it their mission to wipe out the hybrids, but this group made it their mission to protect them.

Fans who read the DC Comics know the twists this story takes, and from one scene in the trailer, it looks like one major twist in the story will play out in this first season of the show.

Sweet Tooth hits Netflix on June 4, 2021.

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