Blue Miracle: Is this Netflix drama based on the true story of Casa Hogar?

Production still from Blue Miracle.
Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix’s latest family drama Blue Miracle tells the story of a local orphanage called Casa Hogar. After the organization finds itself in financial ruins after a natural disaster, the director turns to a competitive fishing competition in hopes of winning the large cash prize.

Orphanage director ‘Papa’ Omar (Jimmy Gonzales) recruits a few of his boys and teams up with the grumpy fisherman Wade Malloy (Dennis Quaid) in hopes of winning the cash prize of $250,000. The story is surprisingly sweet as the group forms unexpected bonds and learns important life lessons.

The movie was released onto Netflix on May 27 and has since, wowed its audience. It has received average reception from many critics, gaining a 60 percent from Rotten Tomatoes.

Surprising to many, this movie is based on a true story.

What is Casa Hogar?

The real orphanage Casa Hogar Cabo is an organization that strives to help children who are in need. On the organization’s website, they share their thoughts on the recent Netflix drama. They wrote, “Blue Miracle is an exciting, family-friendly movie loosely based on a Casa Hogar story from 2014.”

However, while the orphanage was the inspiration behind the film, they do not receive money from its success. The website goes on to optimistically state, “While there is no financial benefit to Casa Hogar for this movie, we are hopeful that Blue Miracle will raise awareness and sensitivity for private Social Assistance Centers in Mexico, most of which, like ours, operate as charities without government funding.”

Casa Hogar is active on social media and YouTube, offering information and visiting opportunities to its supporters.

Blue Miracle’s co-writer and director Julio Quintana shared his journey towards making the film, crediting Casa Hogar for its inspiration. He shared, “My first reaction was ‘this is too unbelievable to be real,’ but once I realized it was true and they won and used the money to save the orphanage, I just had to be a part of it.”

Producer Trey Reynolds added to Quintana’s thoughts, expressing, “We were attracted to the film because it had all the elements of a true underdog story, combined with sports, and a strong faith-based message. It was the kind of movie that, as a father, I would want to take my kids to see.”

Casa Hogar’s thoughts on the movie

Casa Hogar has been gaining an increasing amount of attention due to the movie’s release. They wrote on Facebook, “With all the excitement for today’s premiere of Blue Miracle on Netflix we wanted to share with you another heartwarming layer to the story.”

Sharing an image of an exciting interaction, they added, “This week, Blue Miracle stars Dennis Quaid and Jimmy Gonzales joined the Casa Hogar kids and staff for an online meet and greet. While we’ve all had our full of video calls this one was really fun providing the movie leads the opportunity to meet the current Casa Hogar residents.”

Among its large cast, Blue Miracle stars Dennis Quaid (Soul Surfer, The Day After Tomorrow), Jimmy Gonzales (Mayans M.C.), Anthony Gonzalez (Coco), Raymond Cruz (Breaking Bad), Nathan Arenas (Diary of a Future President) and Miguel Ángel García. It has a runtime of 96 times and is described by Netflix as heartwarming, inspiring and emotional.

Blue Miracle is currently streaming on Netflix.

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