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Young Sheldon pays tribute to Nickole Jones and Rick Spears following their deaths

Iain Armitage on the red carpet
Iain Armitage paid tribute to Nickole Jones and Rick Spears after their deaths shocked Young Sheldon stars. Pic credit: ©

The sitcom Young Sheldon, which chronicles the life of Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, is paying tribute to hairstylist Nickole Jones and crew member Rick Spears after their untimely deaths.

Jones, wife of a woman named Jen and mother to four children, passed away March 25th of cancer at age 45.

She was the leading hairstylist behind such shows as Big Little Lies, The Mindy Project, NCIS: Los Angeles, CSI: NY, and The Defenders. She was nominated for an Emmy award in 2017 for Outstanding Hairstyling for a Limited Series/Movies for Big Little Lies.

Young Sheldon stars and crew members are also mourning the loss of member Rick Spears who passed away August 24, 2020, at age 65. His cause of death is unknown.

Lee and Iain Armitage wrote a moving passage on Spears’ obituary page, saying, “We are so grateful to have known Ricky from his wonderful work on Young Sheldon. We send love to his family and to all of his wonderful friends at our work and beyond- he clearly touched so many lives with his kindness. We will miss him.”

Young Sheldon paid the following tribute to their crew members

The sitcom posted this message at the end of their recent episode reading “In Loving Memory.”

Young Sheldon's tribute to Nickole Jones and Rick Spears
The tribute to Nickole Jones and Rick Spears which aired at the end of the latest episode. Pic credit: CBS

In a post made to Young Sheldon star Iain Armitage’s Instagram account, an emotional tribute was written for Nickole Jones.

“It is an incredible feeling to work where the people you are surrounded with truly feel like family. The hard part of this kind of love is when you have to say goodbye. Iain first met Ms Nickole on Big Little Lies on his very first day as an actor. The kids on BLL were fascinated with her flawless makeup and gorgeous nails and also responded to the fun atmosphere she created.

“Iain was thrilled when she came to Young Sheldon- he felt like he’d won the lottery. She was so talented, but also so incredibly kind and made everything she touched more beautiful. We are bereft and miss everything about her so much, especially her thoughtfulness and her laughter.”

“She leaves behind a family that meant the whole world to her, and also a work family- and she meant the world to us. We love you, Ms. Nickole. We are grateful to have shared the earth with you. Thank you for everything. ❤️?❤️.”

Friends and family also remembered Nickole Jones and Rick Spears

Jones’ friend Anya Brewster set up a GoFundMe account in her honor and called Jones “a force of a woman” with a “tenacity and conviction for all things beautiful” which then “gave way to a very successful career as hairstylist working in both television and film.”

Rick Spears’ niece, Margot Boulanger, also shared her sorrow for her uncle’s passing on the obituary site, posting, “Uncle Ricky – hard to find words but saying nothing doesn’t quite cut it either.”

“Ricky was quick to smile and easy to talk to – perfect parts charming, humble and witty. His love, warmth and kindness showered us all, we will miss him dearly and deeply. To his work family that meant so much to him, thank you for being his home away from home.”

Spears and Jones continue to be celebrated and will be greatly missed by friends, family, and cast members alike.

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