Yandere Dev death confusion: Here’s why #RIPYandereDev was trending

game developer yandere dev at convention
Game developer Yandere Dev was recently a #RIP Twitter trend. Pic credit: Bijuu Mike/YouTube

Recently, Twitter users were puzzled when they saw #RIPYandereDev trending on the popular social media website.It had people wondering if the game developer had died.

However, that was not the case and the individual behind an upcoming video game is still alive and well.

Still, the Yandere Dev death confusion brought questions as to why it was trending.

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Yandere Simulator brings controversy

Yandere Dev is the name of the developer and publisher behind the Yandere Simulator, a stealth action video game. Yandere Dev’s real name is Alex, a 32-year-old game developer.

The basic plot of the Yandere Simulator game involves a Japanese high school girl named Ayano Aishi who is trying to prevent other students from taking her crush Senpai’s attention away.

The ways in which Ayano goes about doing that range from harmless to downright destructive.a

They include things like matchmaking and befriending rivals all the way up to more violent means including electrocution, burning, drowning, and homicide.

While the game brings up comparisons to the popular Hitman video game series, the fact it focuses on elements of school simulation with those other violent themes makes it controversial.

The game is still being developed, but a dedicated YouTube channel shows off progress updates and other details about the simulator.

He also blogs about the game’s progress on a WordPress website in which he details the struggles and issues he’s dealt with in terms of trying to get the game finished.

Why was #RIPYandereDev trending on Twitter?

As #RIPYandereDev began to trend on Twitter over the past day or so, it led to the confusion from people about why it was trending.

Whenever RIP is part of a trend on the popular microblogging site, it can quickly bring up the conclusion that someone has died.

The tweets below capture the gist of what a number of individuals on Twitter were asking when they saw the trend.

Pic credit: @FairyMeine/Twitter
Pic credit: @NotYour_Cherry/Twitter

It’s believed that #RIPYandereDev began to trend due to the fact, Alex, the man behind the aforementioned video game had threatened suicide.

This was allegedly due to comparisons being made between Yandere Simulator and a similar game.

Some people are speculating that Alex was being bullied and also is suffering from mental health problems which caused him to threaten to take his life.

It’s possible the hashtag trend started up from online bullies who wanted to make it seem he had in fact commit suicide. However, he did not.

Another theory about the hashtag is that Alex himself faked a suicide attempt due to someone else creating a game similar to his so that the other developer would feel bad for him and stop.

Alex posted to his Yandere Dev WordPress blog on July 14 detailing some of the issues he’s been dealing with in his personal life, including prank calls, people sending weird items to his home, and trying to hack into his account.

He also mentions he’s been sent “lengthy essays telling me why I should kill myself.”

On Twitter, RIP hashtags will often signal the cancellation (death) of a concept, company, or person’s celebrity status.

There’s the possibility it was trending due to the fact his game may have lost steam ahead of ever being officially released, but based on Alex’s post there may be much deeper issues at play.

If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. Additional resources are also available at website.

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Huxley Magervouxyz
Huxley Magervouxyz
3 years ago

The real reason he’s getting bombarded by these so called threats and bullying is because he himself has treated his fan base worse and keeps on wasting money given by real people for him to finish the game, with the fact that someone made a better game than Alex in just 2 weeks as opposed to his work of 6 years with no huge progress has infuriated a lot of supporters who have given him money.
Everyone felt conned by him and his actions on trying to manipulate the creators of the said game, he then magically claim that he wasn’t suicide baiting or basically guilt tripping the creators into stopping the production of the game so that he can benefit more from people who pay him to finish the game but instead uses them like it’s his own money, wasting it on personal endeavors more than what the money is supposed to go into, actually finishing the game.
The other creator has proven their point on how horrible this person is by completing a game he failed to even make significant progress on in just 2 weeks even without financial support.
And to show just how delusional and self centered he is, he even claims that they didn’t finish the game in 2 weeks to cancel the hate as to how incompetent he is for making a game in 6 years when it’s actually that easy to code.
He could have finished thr game in 6 years if he didn’t waste his time declining offers froma game company to help, failing to credit creators of his assers and bashing on them for asking to be credited, treating his supporters like crap whenever they suggest a new idea, and not being able to take criticism acting like he knows better than his fans.
People need to actually do some research on the actions YandereDev has made in the past few years and how horrible he is to understand that he actually deserves this kind of hate and a lot of people are fed up with him acting like the victim when he himself created the reasons for the hate in the first place.
Just like how we get mad at a person for doing an unforgivable act, this guy has done more than that.

3 years ago

he should keep his life

1 year ago

if only he actually did die <3 he's homophobic scum who treats his fans and artists like absolute garbage. i have no sympathy or empathy for him