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Who is Marisa Flores? Lil Wayne drops major praise on Sneaker Shopping episode

marisa flores lil waynes stylist
Maria Flores, Lil Wayne’s stylist, has helped keep the rapper looking fresh. Pic credit: Bridge Agency/VIMEO

Rapper Lil Wayne dropped by to chat with Joe LaPuma on the newest episode of the popular web series Sneaker Shopping.

During Weezy’s appearance, he not only revealed stories about his footwear and style over the years but also shared that Marisa Flores helps him immensely.

So who exactly is Marisa Flores, Lil Wayne’s stylist?

Wayne praises Marisa Flores on Sneaker Shopping

Sneaker Shopping is the Complex online series where various celebrities from music, sports, and elsewhere talk about their memories of sneaker culture.

They also drop a bit of money at the end of the episode to purchase some sneakers inside the shop that catches their eye.

During the episode that arrived on Monday, March 30, it was time for Lil Wayne to give some insight into his memories of the culture, how he influenced it, and the woman who helps him find his style.

Joe brought up Marisa Flores and how she’d find 100 to 200 pairs of shoes (a night according to Wayne) and clothing options for the rapper. She’d then whittle it down to 35 options for Wayne to choose from.

“She plans outfits, but I’ve never worn what she plans,” Wayne revealed. “She has it all planned out. You know I’m gonna come in and say, ‘That looks better with this,’ and she’s like ‘Ok,’” he added.

“She brings the paint, and she brings the canvas, and I just throw it on there, and we just figure it out that way. But I am nothing without Marisa,” Wayne said, giving her major praise.

“I haven’t been in a mall and shopped, I want to be fair, I want to say in over 15 years,” Wayne mentioned, referencing that his stylist helps him stay away from the stores by picking out all of the items.

Wayne dropped even more praise for Flores when he said, “I’m looking around, and I don’t see none of the stuff I have in my closet, so Marisa, you a dog!”

He’d go on to drop a bunch of money as well, spending over $7,700 on a few pairs of shoes he was feeling.

Who is Marisa Flores?

Marisa Flores, a San Diego native, got her start in fashion when FOX TV was shooting a series pilot in her hometown area. She was able to become part of the wardrobe department for the show and the rest is history.

That got her interested in pursuing fashion even more. She moved to Los Angeles and attended the Otis School of Art & Design.

According to her About page on her website, she’s gone on to work with well-known stylists Maryam and Marjan Malakpour to help with their clientele.

Based on information in the Sneaker Shopping episode, Marisa began working as Wayne’s stylist in the late 2000s.

She has also served as a creative advisor for Trukfit, Lil Wanye’s clothing brand, which started in 2012.

Flores was profiled during Lil Wayne Tour Passport, a video series created by Bridge Agency. One particular episode of the series focuses on Flores.

She drops insight about the rapper as she picks out outfits during his 2013 worldwide concert tour called America’s Most Wanted.

Marisa notes that she basically dresses Wayne for everything, including at least a few outfit changes during the shows.

Additionally, Flores revealed that outfits weren’t necessarily planned and didn’t involve fittings. Plus, as Wayne mentioned in Sneaker Shopping, he makes the final call using Marisa’s options.

It’s also worth mentioning that Flores has worked with other clientele, including 2 Chainz, Dr. Dre, Drake, Nikki Minaj, Tyga, and Birdman.

On Marisa’s website, she showcases the various videos and commercials she’s helped find the right style combos for. That includes a Lil Wayne Samsung ad from several years ago.

Flores remains active on social media, including a Twitter account where she has mentioned Wayne in several posts regarding styles he wore in music videos.

In addition, she has a private Instagram account where she shares photos of the hip-hop star, along with other fashion photos and videos based on her work.

Check out Marisa’s official website here for more details about Lil Wayne’s stylist.

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