Travis Scott death hoax: The rapper was not found dead at home

Travis Scott
Rapper Travis Scott targeted in a viral death hoax. Pic credit: @TravisScott/Instagram

Travis Scott is the latest celebrity to be targeted in a death hoax.

The viral hoax claims that the Texan rap artist was found dead in his home. However, the 28-year-old rapper is alive.

While most celebrity death hoaxes go viral on Facebook, multiple sources reveal they received the fake news on TikTok. A blog post from a fake news website claimed the Franchise rapper was found dead in bed and Kylie Jenner attempted to wake him up.

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The popular rapper was active on his Instagram account two days ago, showing his 35 million followers a glimpse of his residence on Instagram.

The Houston Texas rapper has had a productive year. His compilation album JackBoys became the first number one album in 2020. His single Franchise debuted at number one and he collaborated with McDonald’s to make a celebrity-endorsed meal.

Travis Scott death hoax debunked

Concerned fans took to social media to question whether the rapper had really died.

I just got sent a blog post that Travis Scott was found dead… I’m hoping it’s a lie,” one observer lamented on Twitter. “I don’t believe it but this year nothing was believable so you never know…

One Twitter user complained about their parents finding the fake news on TikTok. “My dad really woke me up because he saw a TikTok that Travis Scott was dead and he wanted me to confirm it.”

Another wrote, “Mannnn my mama need to stay tf off TikTok. Just argued me up & down talkin bout “well I’m telling you Travis Scott dead, the article is on TikTok” girl gone.”

Due to the plethora of celebrity death hoaxes, many were skeptical about the news. However, several condolences and tributes have popped up on Facebook and other social media outlets.

Travis Scott flew to LA after Thanksgiving

After a viral death hoax declared Travis dead, he took a private jet back to Los Angeles after reportedly spending Thanksgiving in Palm Springs with his daughter Stormi and Kylie Jenner.

Photos published on The Daily Mail of Travis and Kylie leaving a private jet together sparked rumors that the former couple is back together, though that has not been confirmed.

Travis Scott has not responded to the death hoax. The hugely successful rapper has collaborated with Fortnite, PS5, and Nike in 2020 and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

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