TikTok’s Gero and Paeka have broken up: Twitter fans are heartbroken

Gero and Paeka on YouTube
TikTok couple Gero and Paeka have split. Pic credit: @Gero & Paeka/YouTube

TikTok and Instagram stars Gero and Paeka have broken up and fans are heartbroken.

Paeka (Paeka Campos) took to her Instagram Story to confirm that she and Gero have broken up.

After she announced the split, Paeka deleted it. As of this writing, they appear to have deleted all the content in their joint Instagram and YouTube accounts.

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Paeka set her personal Tiktok page to private but her Instagram account is still active and accessible, and so is her personal YouTube account.

As of this writing, Gero’s personal TikTok page is also set to private, but you can still view his Instagram account.

Who are Gero and Paeka?

Gero (Gerohan Irias) and Paeka were popular on Instagram and TikTok and had plenty of followers. They were known for sharing videos on their personal and joint social media platforms, including TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

Many of the videos gave their fans a glimpse into their relationship while others were only prank videos.

Paeka is reportedly 18 years old, while Gero is 21 years old.

Paeka is also an actress known for her roles in the 2015 films Harbinger and Divine Access, according to IMDb. She is also set to play Lyra in The Place in Between. The film is scheduled for release in May.

They reportedly started dating in October 2017.

Paeka announced she and Gero have split on Instagram

Fans were at first confused when they noticed that all the content was missing from Gero and Paeka’s joint social media accounts. However, social media users who had taken screenshots of Paeka’s breakup announcement before she deleted it began sharing it on Twitter (see below).

“Hey guys, wanted to come on here because I know a lot of you have been worried and curious about where & how I have been,” Paeka wrote. “It’s been very overwhelming to be in a position where I feel like I have to explain myself & my relationship because life is very hard already privately and tbh I was just not ready yet to have all the pain out there for what feels like the whole world to just watch & form their own opinion on.”

“But yes, Gerohan and I broke up,” she continued. “In the most respectful way, we are going to go through this privately off of social media to take time to heal & focus on self-love. I feel at a loss for words but I hope you all understand.”

Twitter fans are heartbroken

Gero and Paeka’s fans on Twitter have been posting heartbroken reactions to the unexpected news.

Many were upset, distraught, and mourning, while others simply couldn’t believe it.

Fans want to know why Gero and Paeka broke up

Neither Gero nor Paeka have revealed what led to their split and fans have been making inquiries on social media.

We will update this page when new information about what led to their split emerges, so stay tuned.

Monsters and Critics reported back in January 2020, that social media influencer Jeffree Star split with her boyfriend Nathan Schwandt as well.

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2 years ago

According to recent videos made by both of them on tik tok, Gero allegedly cheated on Paeka. He released a video saying she did too but she says he is making up things so his rep doesn’t get messed up.