TikTok money calculators explained: How to make cash from app, plus how much do TikTokers make?

TikTok influencer Loren Gray
Loren Gray on TikTok. Pic credit: Loren Gray/TikTok

TikTok money calculators allow influencers to calculate estimated earnings from their TikTok account activity.

TikTok is a social media app that allows influencers to create and share short videos. Examples include music, lip-sync, dance, beauty, fashion, and comedy videos.

Launched in 2017 by ByteDance, TikTok has surged in popularity among young people in recent years. The app was the most downloaded in the U.S. last year and currently has more than 500 million active users called TikTokers.

Some of the top influencers on TikTok include Loren Gray (33.2 million fans), Baby Ariel (29.8 million fans),  Kristen Hancher (23 million fans), and Jacob Sartorius (21 million fans).

Earnings on TikTok come mostly from influencer promotions through brand partnerships.

TikTok does not currently pay creators for running ads in their videos as YouTube does. TikTok influencers have to make deals directly with brands. How much brands pay for placing ads depends on the number of fans an influencer has, plus the level of engagement by those fans.

However, TikTok has recently been looking into introducing biddable ads on their platform. The system, which allows advertisers to bid against one another for ad impressions, will also likely involve some form of ads revenue-sharing program. This program could enable infuencers to earn more income.

How to make money on TikTok

Brands wishing to promote products targeted at the influencer’s audience will approach them after their fan count reaches a few thousand. The influencer also needs high levels of engagement, meaning lots of “hearts” and comments from fans.

Earnings depend mostly on the number of fans and engagement rate. However, the engagement rate is the most crucial determinant of how much they earn. Brands are willing to pay more to promote their products through influencers whose accounts deliver higher engagement rates.

Many top TikTok influencers also have a substantial following on other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and personal blogs. This diversity means they can promote their TikTok content on different platforms.

However, instead of promoting company products, they can develop their brand and merch and then promote them on TikTok.

To make money on TikTok, they need to understand the following:

What is the engagement rate?

Engagement rate refers specifically to the proportion of fans who respond to posts by “hearting” or by posting comments.

Brands want to be sure the followers are genuine and enthusiastic fans who deliver a high engagement rate. TikTok influencers who buy followers tend to have low engagement rates, and this is not what brands want.

To maximize earnings, influencers need to focus on enhancing their engagement rate. To maximize the engagement rate, they need to create content that appeals to their target audience. Once identifying the target audience, they need to focus exclusively on creating content for that audience.

Creating content that maximizes engagement rate

They also have to identify the demographic they are targeting. Since most TikTok users are teenagers and young adults, a person will likely be creating content that appeals to this section of the demographic.

It is also important to identify the demographic the influencer is targeting. Since most TikTok users are teenagers and young adults, they will likely create content appealing to this section of the demographic.

They can only maximize their audience engagement rate by producing high-quality videos, so they may need to acquire videography skills. Content that stands out will offer a different or unique take compared with similar accounts.

An influencer can also maximize engagement rate by responding to fan comments. The more successful influencers on Tik Tok often go live to interact in real-time with their fans.

The profile page

The first important step to making money on TikTok is creating an attractive profile page that communicates who they are and what type of content they are creating. Setting up an effective profile page starts with choosing the right username, creating an engaging bio, and posting the right kind and quality of images.

This setup means they need to understand the tastes of their target audience and what they want to see.

It is also best to choose a username they can use across all social media and content creation platforms. These platforms include Twitch, Instagram, and YouTube.

TikTok rules and guidelines

It is also important to adhere to the platform’s rules and content guidelines. TikTok prohibits creators from uploading content containing racist and hate speech.

How much do TikTok influencers make?

The more successful influences on TikTok earn between $200 to $20,000 per branded video. Top influencers, such as Loren Gray, Kristen Hancher, Baby Ariel, and Jacob Sartorius, make between $50,000-$150,000 per brand campaign.

Baby Ariel’s net worth is currently estimated at $6 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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