The Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev is a victim of an Instagram scam

Simon Leviev instagram con
Simon Leviev is wanted in several countries for fraud-related charges. Pic credit: Insider Edition/YouTube

Convicted fraudster Simon Leviev got a taste of his own medicine after being conned out of his money by Instagram scammers.

Leviev, real name Shimon Hayut, is the subject of Netflix doc The Tinder Swinder and has gained fame after its release.

While the 31-year-old has managed to capitalize on his notoriety with money-making opportunities, it has also brought him some unwanted attention.

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As previously reported on Monsters & Critics, the man known as The Tinder Swindler is being sued by the real Leviev family.

Simon Leviev swindled by Instagram scammers

Leviev was reportedly swindled out of $6,664 by a woman who claimed her boyfriend worked for Instagram’s parent company Meta.

According to TMZ, the woman reached out to the convicted fraudster via Instagram DMs. She said her boyfriend could get Simon and his girlfriend Kate Konlin verified on the social platform.

He agreed to speak with the woman’s boyfriend on FaceTime, and sources told TMZ that the man looked to be in a busy work environment giving the impression of a large company workspace like Meta.

The man told the alleged Tinder Swindler he would have to pay a fee of paying $6,664 in two separate payments via PayPal for the verification service and removal of fraudulent accounts.

Leviev paid the fee, and his manager contacted Meta to satisfy his suspicion about the setup.

They were informed that Instagram does not charge a fee for profile verification. Shortly after receiving the payments, the couple deleted their Instagram accounts after successfully tricking Leviev.

Leviev was also tricked by one of his girlfriends, Ayleen Charlotte, in The Tinder Swindler documentary.

After discovering Simon’s con, Ayleen pretended to remain a loyal girlfriend and organized a meeting.  

She took three suitcases of Leviev’s designer clothes under the guise of selling them on his behalf. But, instead, Charlotte kept the profits for herself while Simon pleaded with her to send him money.

In the doc, it’s estimated she made $10,000 from selling his clothes on eBay using her experience at a fashion retailer.

A real Leviev family member reveals why they are suing the Tinder Swindler

Chagit Leviev-Sofiev, the real daughter of the diamond mogul, appeared on Access Hollywood on Wednesday, revealing why they filed a lawsuit against Hayut and how he has affected her family.

'Tinder Swindler': Member Of Family Suing For Alleged Fraud Speaks Out (Exclusive)

“We’ve been contacted by several charter companies, brokers for yachts, for private planes, private jets,” she said. “These companies were trying to collect debt — debt that Shimon left behind — and Shimon said that his family, his company is going to pay for all of it.”

Chagit said that she had seen $2 million in private fees left by the convicted fraudster.

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