The real reason Joe Exotic is pushing to divorce Dillon Passage — So he can marry boyfriend he met in jail 

Joe Exotic
Joe Exotic seeks divorce to marry new prison lover. Pic credit: @joe_exotic/Instagram

Joe Exotic is making moves from prison – or at least he is trying. Joe married his current husband Dillon five years ago, but he wants to end his marriage for a new man. 

Will the third time be a charm?

Joe met his latest lover, John, in prison last year. John served 11 years and was released a few weeks ago unexpectedly. 

The Tiger King star is in prison but regularly posts to social media, including his Instagram. A couple of weeks ago, he shared a picture of John and called him “The Man, the Myth, the Legend.” 

Joe Exotic wants to divorce Dillon Passage to marry his new prison lover boyfriend 

Joe Exotic and Dillon Passage have both moved on from their tumultuous relationship. Joe Exotic wants a divorce from Dillon to marry someone else. The Tiger King stars have shared social media posts with their respective new lovers.

TMZ reports that Joe’s attorney revealed Joe met his new man John in February 2021 at a prison in Fort Worth, Texas. John was sentenced to 12 years in prison in 2012 for possessing a firearm and burglary. 

John secured a prison release a few weeks ago, an event that affected Joe Exotic. 

Joe posted a picture of his new lover. He also shared a letter with fans about John’s recent unexpected release and that John had plans to join social media. 

Joe continued that John plans to open up about his and Joe’s case. The caption read, “The Man, the Myth, the Legend, John Robert Graham…” Finally, Joe seemed convinced that fans would like his newest lover.

This will be Joe’s third marriage. 

Joe Exotic’s previous relationships 

Joe married Dillon Passage on Dec. 11, 2017.

Dillon shared a post with his new lover in January. He revealed he was home decor shopping with his beau. Dillon’s caption read, “Going home decor shopping today [heart faced emoji] ALSO, I will be going Live soon with an update on something I’ve got planned that is VERY special and important to me. I also want feedback from you guys and ideas. But stay tuned and I’ll keep you updated on when I’m going to go Live. Have a good Sunday.”

Prior to his marriage to Dillon, Joe was married to Travis Maldonado. Travis died after accidentally shooting himself. Joe shared a loving post on Instagram in memory of Travis’ birthday this month.

The Tiger King star referenced his new boyfriend, John in the post.

The caption read, “Happy Birthday Travis Maldonado. I miss you. Rest assured, John is (and will be) taking care of me. But you already know that. -Joe.”

Tiger King Season 2 was released late last year and didn’t receive the same reception as Season 1.

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