Tiger King star Joe Exotic wants pardon, claims prison abuse

Tiger King star Joe Exotic wants pardon, claims prison abuse
Joe Exotic has asked for a pardon from the President. Pic credit: Netflix

Joe Exotic, the charismatic and controversial star of Tiger King, is asking for a pardon for his crimes. He claims in a letter that he has suffered from prison abuse.

The letter was obtained by Entertainment Tonight and detailed what Joe Exotic claims happened to him in prison.

Joe Exotic wants to be pardoned

Joe Exotic is still claiming his innocence from the crimes the courts found him guilty of and wants a pardon from President Donald Trump.

In the letter, Joe Exotic said that he hopes that the President will “make this right and grant me a pardon.” He also continued to accuse two FBI agents, two Assistant U.S. Attorneys, and a federal wildlife agent of committing perjury in his case.

There are also claims of abuse in the letter. Exotic wrote that he has “scars from the skin coming off of my arms from being strapped in a chair so tight and so long just for demanding answers.”

Joe Exotic sent the letter to podcaster Josh Belcher, who asked for it to be read on his show. Belcher read the message on Thursday’s episode of his podcast, Joe Belcher Uncharted.

According to Joe Exotic, he wants his story to remain alive, and his voice to be heard. He also asked for Belcher to let Dillon Passage know that he misses him and loves him and is “coming home somehow.”

Carol Baskin taking over Joe Exotic’s park

This all comes after Carol Baskin was awarded Joe Exotic’s park on Monday because Exotic never appeared in court to challenge her claims.

Jeff Lowe, who has been running and operating the park, has some interesting news for Baskin. They have already moved the cats to a new park, and they are letting the park she is getting go to “complete hell.”

The court order was not for the big cats but was just for the 16 acres of land, several cabins, and some vehicles. Lowe said that Baskin spent millions on the court case to get this land.

Lowe said he is not caring for it and that the bamboo is about to take over the place. He said she could have it, and it won’t be worth anything compared to the money she spent on the court case to obtain it.

With that in mind, Joe Exotic is still not happy about Baskin getting his old park.

CNN reports that Exotic’s legal team spoke up for him and said that they want Baskin’s “treachery” not to remain unchecked.

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