The new trailer for the revival of Dexter has been released

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The teaser trailer for the Dexter series revival was released yesterday. Pic credit: ©

The moment Dexter fans have been waiting for has finally arrived.

After months of hype and anticipation, the revival of America’s most beloved serial killer show has officially dropped its first sneak into what Dexter has been up to the last eight years since the show ended in 2013.

The Dexter series revival hopes to redeem itself

The lackluster Season 8 finale left many fans feeling underwhelmed, frustrated, and generally annoyed as they saw Dexter escape Florida after dramatically faking his own death, and seeing one final shot of him living somewhere up North as an unnoticeable lumberjack.

There was a heavy negative response to the anti-climactic ending, leaving many fans of the show reminiscing about Season 4, which put the talented John Lithgow in the role of nemesis and fellow serial killer Trinity, a role which won him a golden globe.

At the time of the series finale, fans took to Twitter to vent their frustrations about the way producers chose to tie up Dexter’s story.

“That #Dexter finale was for real? Yikes. No. I’ll forget everything post-Lithgow existed,” wrote one less-than-enthused watcher.

A fan reacts to Dexter finale
Pic credit: @_RyanTurek/Twitter

Another fan of the series shared their opinion saying sarcastically, “Oh Hey, I’m a lumberjack! Oh cool, thanks for wasting 5 years on my life. #dexter#showtime”

A fan responds to Dexter finale
Pic credit: @JoePClements/Twitter

As news of a revival hit the internet in 2020 there was much speculation about how the redo planned to make amends and that question still has yet to be answered.

At the end of June it was revealed that John Lithgow would be making a brief, but titular, appearance as Trinity in the new Dexter series, an announcement that was met with much excitement from social media users.

“fingers crossed this show comes back with a vengeance. season four with john lithgow as the trinity killer was one of my favorite seasons of television ever,” wrote one user.

fan reacts to dexter trailer
Pic credit: @troubled_sleep/Twitter

The Dexter trailer offers some fun glimpses into what fans can expect to see

Now fans have a much more concrete offering to judge after the teaser trailer for the revival was put out yesterday.

The sneak peek gives a glimpse into Dexter’s new life in the woods as he seems to continue to fight his serial killer urges.

While the montage offers little tangible plot lines to hold onto it does give just enough dangling carrots to entice the viewer.

Time will tell what the reactions are to the show but it’s certain that fans are hoping for redemption.

Dexter: New Blood premieres Sunday, November 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime

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