The Flash star Ezra Miller spotted dancing at another Hawaiian bar as fans call for replacement

Ezra Miller on the red carpet
Ezra Miller was spotted dancing in a Hawaiian bar just weeks after falling afoul of the law in another bar. Pic credit: ©

The Flash star Ezra Miller seems to be plagued with trouble and controversy these days as they were spotted in yet another Hawaiian bar. This comes just weeks after they were arrested at a nearby bar and amidst increasing calls that they be dropped from The Flash movies.

The 29-year-old actor, who identifies as non-binary, was seen partying hard at the Hilo Axe lounge in Hilo, Hawaii. Their dancing caught the attention of other patrons due to the wild manner of their dance moves.

Ezra Miller’s dancing described as ‘comical’

An eyewitness to the event told TMZ that Ezra’s dancing was “comical” and that they were attempting to break dance.

The Fantastic Beasts star has been letting loose quite often in the bars of Hawaii, which led to their arrest last month.

According to the Daily Mail, Ezra was arrested on March 28 for disorderly conduct and harassment at a nearby karaoke club called Margaritas Village in Hilo, Hawaii.

The Hollywood star allegedly behaved in a threatening manner to a woman performing karaoke and also reportedly lunged at a man playing darts.

Mugshot of Ezra Miller
Mugshot of Ezra Miller following his arrest last month. Pic credit: Hawaii Police Dept.

Just weeks before that, Erza was reportedly prevented from entering another Hawaiian bar. He argued with a member of staff, which led to the cops being called. TMZ reported that the actor was not arrested but received a trespass warning.

The arrest led to an emergency meeting on March 30 between Warner Bros and DC executives, who decided to halt any future projects involving Ezra, at least for the time being.

Fans call for Ezra Miller to be replaced by Grant Gustin

This meeting led to some fans calling for Ezra to be replaced as The Flash for any upcoming DCEU movies. Many fans thought the position should go to Grant Gustin, who played the Flash on CW for eight seasons.

One fan argued that Ezra has to be replaced and that Gustin “deserves” to do the job instead.

Tweet calling for Ezra Miller to be replaced
Pic credit: @ChanTheMan518/Twitter

Ezra Miller has proved to be a controversial figure. In April 2020, a video emerged online which appeared to show the actor choking and dragging a female fan to the ground outside a bar in Iceland.

This was followed by an eyebrow-raising video posted to Instagram earlier this year where Ezra threatened members of the North Carolina KKK.

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