Thandiwe Newton is headed to rehab after Magic Mike fiasco

Thandiwe Newton
Thandiwe Newton is going to rehab after Magic Mike departure.  Pic credit: © Collin/AdMedia

Drama surrounding the Magic Mike saga has reached a new chapter as actress Thandiwe Newton is allegedly heading to rehab.

A spokesperson for Thandiwe denied rumors that she got the ax from Magic Mike for arguing with star Channing Tatum. Instead, the representative claimed she left the film willingly to deal with family problems.

Previous rumors suggested she and Channing got into a heated argument which led to her firing from the film. 

Page Six reports Thandiwe flew back to the United States to check into a facility.

Thandiwe Newton heads to rehab after the Magic Mike fiasco

Thandiwe Newton is longer attached to Magic Mike’s Last Dance after she suddenly left the set. 

The actress had family problems and is going into rehab. Contrary to previous reports, she was not let go from the film.

A source claimed that Thandiwe had personal struggles exacerbated by separation from her partner of 24 years, Ol Parker. Thandiwe and Ol had three children together, and the breakup caused her great stress.

A source said, “Thandiwe had been acting strange on set, she has been very highly strung. Her apparent breakdown caused so much disruption, it became clear she couldn’t play the role.”

The source continued, “There is a lot going on in her personal life, she and her husband have separated. She seemed so stressed, she even brought her two pet rabbits to her hotel for emotional support.”

The source concluded that Thandiwe’s team was looking at a facility in Arizona to help with her mental health.

Why Thandiwe Newton left Magic Mike

Thandiwe Newton made headlines when she abruptly departed the set of Magic Mike in London after 11 days. Thandiwe was supposed to star in Magic Mike with franchise star Channing Tatum

A source claimed that Thandiwe and Channing got into an argument over Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars. Although it was unclear which side each actor took, the explosive dispute allegedly caused Thandiwe to leave the film. 

The source continued, “It was a tense exchange of words, but suddenly it escalated – Channing got into this car, and he disappeared. After the row, he just went, ‘I am not working with her anymore.’ Him being a producer, it’s his movie, so she’s off the movie.”

A representative of the actress denied claims of her firing for an argument with Channing Tatum.  The spokesperson said of the firing rumors, “This report is completely inaccurate.” 

Thandiwe’s role was recast and given to fellow actress Salma Hayek

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Nicole Frysz
Nicole Frysz
11 months ago

Bye. How in the heck did she get this role anyway! Who is she?