Selena Gomez reveals she wants to be married and have children, will likely leave acting

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Selena Gomez wearing Louis Vuitton at the 27th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Selena Gomez has her Hollywood exit all planned out and it involves becoming a mother.

The actress and singer has been enjoying some vacation time in Italy, yachting and spending time with friends following her 30th birthday celebration last month.

While her milestone birthday is too soon for most people to think of retirement, Gomez’s net worth is estimated at $95 million.

She has also ventured into clothing, and fragrance lines and recently launched her own makeup brand.

Despite her desire for early retirement, Gomez has been busy with movie roles and making music for her fans.

She recently returned to voice Mavis in Hotel Transylvania: Transformania in the fourth and final movie of the franchise.

Selena Gomez talks about motherhood and how many kids she wants

The Another Cinderella Story actress spoke about her desire to walk down the aisle and become a mother one day in a new interview.

She appeared on Friday’s episode of the TaTaTu video podcast Giving Back Generation.

“I hope to be married and to be a mom,” she said in the interview, continuing:

“Eventually, I’m going to be tired of all of this, so I’m probably just going to devote most of my life to philanthropy before I peace out.”

The Revival songstress explained how her 9-year-old half-sister Gracie Teefey helped fuel her desire to have children.

“She puts things in perspective,” Gomez said of her sister. “I have to basically watch this little person grow into a human being. There’s no better feeling in the world. I kind of feel like a parent in a way, even though I’m not.”

The Hollywood star has two half-siblings. Gracie Elliot Teefey, through her mother Mandy and her second husband, Brian Teefey, and 8-year-old Tori through her father Richardo and his second wife.

Why Selena Gomez doesn’t use Instagram

Despite being the most followed person on Instagram, Selena revealed that she doesn’t control her account nor look at the social media platform.

Gomez said that she is taking a break from the app for her mental health.

Gomez described herself as an “extremist,” before explaining why she completely shut off Instagram.

“So I actually got rid of my Instagram on my phone and gave that power to my assistant. So everything I post, I just text it to her instead of having to worry about going on and off. I don’t even know my password.” Gomez explained, continuing:

“But it’s been purposeful because I get excited when I see you guys because I didn’t look at Instagram. So I don’t know what you did or how you are and that’s like real-time that we can gain together.”

The Hollywood star isn’t off social media completely, she still interacts with her fans on TikTok and recently shared a video with a body-positive message.

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