Saweetie recovers with twerk challenge after getting roasted for a recent performance

Saweetie twerk
Saweetie seemingly responds to her criticized performance with a twerk challenge. Pic credit: Official Saweetie/YouTube

Saweetie has responded to criticism she received from her recent performance during iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball event in New York.

The 28-year-old rapper launched the Icy Chain Challenge, showing her twerking skills in a stunning video.

Saweetie went viral this week after her clips from her iHeartRadio performance on December 10 surfaced on social media.

In the clip, while rapping her new song, Icy Chain, she appeared out of breath in what seemed to be a lackluster performance, leading to harsh mockery.

“saweetie it went from worse to worser,” one popular tweet surmised.

Another tweeter criticized the rapper’s diet referencing her McDonald’s meal and compared her to Lizzo, known for her high-energy presence on stage.

“Not so hot take: Saweetie can’t perform without being out of breath because of the crap she eats yet people assume she’s healthy. Those same people strain their voices yelling about Lizzo’s size yet she can run and perform circles around Miss 6 Piece Nugget Meal.”

Another social media user called into question the Icy Girl rapper’s credentials as an artist.

“Saweetie when there’s no more twerk moves left & she actually has to spit some bars…” the person wrote.

Saweetie launches Icy Chain Challenge with twerk video

Saweetie seemingly responded to the criticism with an Instagram video showing off her twerk skills.

 “I heard i was the best twerker in da worrrrrrld,” Saweetie wrote in the caption along with laughing tongue emojis.

She also included the hashtag #icychainchallenge to encourage her fans to do their own version, adding: “reposting my fave videos tag me.”

Saweetie teams up with two backup dancers in the twerk video as she stuns in a blue tracksuit with the song Icy Chain playing in the background.

The viral video currently sits at over 4.7 million views, with many comments alluding to her viral performance last week.

Boosie asks if Saweetie booty is real in response to Icy Chain Challenge

Boosie is one of the many admirers following Saweetie’s twerk fest.

The Lousiana rapper questioned if her butt is real and heaped praise on the My Type rapper.

“IS @Saweetie ASS REAL? CAUSE THAT MF BE MOVING LIKE AINT NO BBL BEEN DONE BACK THERE,” he tweeted in all caps, adding a praise hands emoji, continuing.


Saweetie released the hit single Best Friend featuring Doja Cat earlier this year. The rapper teamed up with the pop star again on the song Handstand with French Montana.

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