Sacha Baron Cohen sells COVID-19 vaccines to celebrities in wild Jimmy Kimmel interview

Sacha Baron Cohen
Sacha Baron Cohen sells black market vaccines to celebrities on Jimmy Kimmel. Pic credit: ©

The last time Sacha Baron Cohen appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he was in-character as Borat, where he offered Kimmel a rather unconventional ‘Coronavirus inspection’.

On Thursday, he appeared as himself. But Cohen still made it an interview to remember as it soon descended into chaos.

Discussing his mockumentary sequel Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm, Cohen seamlessly turned the interview into a hilarious sketch that went from zero to one hundred very fast.

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After a break, things began to derail when Kimmel asked Cohen if it’s “fun” to play Borat.

“Jimmy, I’m not here to talk about fun.” He replied. “It was important to make this film. And I really wanted to expose the hypocrisy.”

As his cell phone began to ring, he continued “Those using power to get ahead, criminality.”

The actor then launched into a sketch where he was selling Covid vaccines to various celebrities, escalating into a high-speed police chase.

Who were some of Sacha Baron Cohen’s celebrity clients?

During the sketch, Cohen quickly became overwhelmed by calls, to the point where his wife Isla Fisher even had to step in and help.

His first alleged customer was none other than U2 frontman Bono.

“Bono? Oh hey man what’s up?” he said into his phone. “Yeah, I’ve got AstraZeneca, Pfizer, what do you want? Yeah, Venmo is fine.”

Other celebrity clients included were Tom Cruise and Kanye West, which saw Cohen take a jab at his recent divorce filing from Kim Kardashian.

While apparently vetting a call from Kanye, Cohen joked “Yo, yo, yo, I can get you Johnson & Johnson. No, not Dakota and Don. What do you mean you only need one now? I’ve got you down for six. Oh, sorry, I hadn’t heard.”

More eyebrows were raised when he ended the call with a risqué joke about Tiger Woods, as he added “And don’t drive for six hours. If only Tiger had listened to me.”

From there, the sketch devolved into mayhem, including his wife running in with a gun, a high-speed car chase on national news, and Cohen getting busted by the LAPD.

Sacha Baron Cohen MIGHT Be Selling Vaccines to Celebrities

Sacha Baron Cohen recalled ‘incredibly awkward’ moment after winning twice at Virtual Golden Globes.

Before the interview got hilariously sabotaged, Cohen had a laugh reflecting on awkward moments at the Golden Globes.

The event saw the star win two awards for Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm – best actor in a motion picture comedy and best motion picture comedy. However, the show’s structure meant some uncomfortable moments for Cohen.

“It was a virtual-type situation where you are in a room with the other nominees. Did you talk to the other people?” asked Kimmel.

“I did,” replied Cohen. “I mean, they did that beforehand and we’re all wishing each other luck, and then actually after I won both of them, they put me back in the room with the other nominees. It was incredibly awkward.”

“I was just saying, ‘Listen, guys, we’re all winners! We’re nominated!’ ” he joked. “But they hated me. They hated me.”

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