Rihanna is in her third trimester of pregnancy — Here’s what kind of mom she says she’ll be 

Rihanna already knows what kind of mother she will be. Pic credit: ©

Rihanna is feisty, but how will she be as a mother? The expecting mother has a few ideas of how she plans to act as a mom. 

Rihanna is currently expecting her first child with rapper A$AP Rocky. Riri embraces her pregnancy; she frequently wears crop-tops and suggestive outfits that flaunt her pregnant belly.

The singer is opening up about how she will be as a mom. In true Rihanna fashion, the soon-to-be mother holds nothing back. Rihanna describes her motherhood parenting style in one word: “Psycho.”

Rihanna talks about the kind of mother she plans to be as she enters her third trimester

Rihanna recently celebrated the release of her wildly successful makeup line, Fenty Beauty, at Ulta Beauty. Rihanna enjoyed the launch at Ulta Beauty with pictures, new makeup, and an interview with Elle. 

Rihanna, who is currently in her third trimester, discussed motherhood and her expected maternal behavior. Rihanna found inspiration in an unlikely place: The Real Housewives franchise. As for inspirations, Rihanna looks up to Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice for her motherhood style. 

Rihanna says, “She [Teresa Giudice] will flatten you about those kids. And that resonates with me a lot because I feel like that’s the type of mom I’m going to be. Psycho about it.”

As for Rihanna’s kids, do not think about saying anything slick about her children. Riri says she will not flip a table, “Worse. You talk about my kids, it’s over.”

Rihanna is setting trends as a pregnant woman embracing her body

Rihanna is a trendsetter, and pregnancy is not slowing her down. The Bajan pop star often wears crop tops and did so at the Ulta Beauty launch.

Rihanna says her face has gotten wide, and her nose has spread. She considers the facial changes a challenge and one that she embraces. She said, “Makeup for sure helps you feel like a real person. I just focused a lot on moisturizing and on contouring. The face gets a little round and chubby. The nose starts to spread. Everything is a challenge, from getting dressed and how you’re going to do your makeup.”

The expecting mom says that even getting dressed can be a challenge, “There’s also those days, girl. Especially in the third trimester where you wake up and you’re like, oh, do I have to get dressed?” 

Rihanna is working her pregnancy and continuing to serve looks until the end.

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