Rebecca Romijn admits to missing ex-husband John Stamos in front of current husband Jerry O’Connell

Rebecca Romijn. "Satanic Panic" Los Angeles Premiere held at The Egyptian Theatre.
Rebecca Romijn had a heart-to-heart chat with her husband, actor Jerry O’Connell, and revealed the things that she misses most about her ex-husband John Stamos. Pic credit: ©

Despite being divorced for 17 years, Rebecca Romijn recently admitted that she still misses her ex-husband John Stamos.

The X-Men actress, 49, sat down for an intimate chat with none other than her current husband of close to fifteen years, Stand By Me actor Jerry O’Connell and revealed some intimate details about her former relationship and marriage to the Full House alum.

While getting cozy with hubby Jerry, whom Rebecca met at a Maxim Hot 100 pool party shortly after the actress separated from John, the blonde beauty got candid about her remaining feelings for her ex.

Rebecca told husband Jerry O’Connell that she still misses ‘a lot of things’ about ex John Stamos

In a report published by Entertainment Tonight, Rebecca and Jerry had a refreshingly honest conversation about her previous marriage to John, in which the actress shared that her divorce from him hit her hard.

“Going through a divorce is terrible; it’s awful,” she told Jerry during their chat. “I was with him for 10 years. Divorce feels like a failure and there were a lot of things that I had to let go of that were very sad.” 

She went on to say that she still had lots of fond memories of her decade-long relationship with John, sharing more details after Jerry offered up that “when I’m with you personally, and I hear you talk about your ex-husband, it sounds like it was fun. You always have really fun memories.” 

“I do, I have a lot of really fun memories,” Rebecca said in reply, according to ET, adding “I have a lot of fond memories of him. A lot of things about him that I miss. But yeah, it’s tricky. It’s a very hard decision to come to when you decide to end a marriage. It was heartbreaking.” 

Rebecca saw John a few weeks ago for the first time since their split

Aside from sharing that she still reminisces about John Stamos from time to time, Rebecca also told her current hubby that she bumped into John just a few weeks ago for the first time since their 2005 parting.

The actress said that she had been sitting in some after-school traffic with hers and Jerry’s twin daughters, Charlie Tamara Tulip O’Connell and Dolly Rebecca Rose O’Connell when she spotted John strolling across the street in front of them.

After the girls were incredulous about their mother’s ability to recognize John with so many years in between her last time with him, not to mention the fact that the actor had been wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses, Rebecca said she told her daughters that there was no doubt in her mind that it was indeed him.

“I would recognize that gait from a block away,” she told them, adding, “I recognize the way his body moves. I know that walk. I’m familiar with his body.” 

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