Rapper MoneyGangVontae shooting death caught on camera in a Bronx pharmacy

MoneyGangVontae death video
Los Angeles drill rapper MoneyGangVontae in his music videos. Pic credit: MoneyGangVontae Official/YouTube

An extremely graphic video has surfaced capturing the murder of Los Angeles drill rapper MoneyGangVontae.

The 27-year-old rapper was gunned down in a Bronx, New York pharmacy in broad daylight under the full view of a surveillance camera.

This comes as news of several rap artists have been killed in recent months due to gun violence.

Atlanta rapper Trouble was shot dead last week and TDott Woo, a Pop Smoke associate, was shot dead hours after signing a new record deal in February.

MoneyGangVontae brutally murdered caught on video

In the video obtained by NY Post, about four men attack Vontae as he tries to resist the mugging.

One of the four men who was attacking Vontae is seen cocking the gun and firing at the rapper who is on the ground.

MoneyGangVontae, real name Avanti Frowner, tries to crawl away from the shooter, who is wearing a white t-shirt and a du-rag and continues to fire the gun.

Vontae turns to face his killer before the murder suspect fires more rounds into his chest.

As the shooter walks away Frowner twitches before laying motionless.

The 27-year-old rapper from Los Angeles reportedly came to the Bronx to scout a location for a music video.

At the beginning of the clip, the suspect who fires the gun is seen grabbing Vontae before three more suspects join the attack.

A pharmacy worker is seen crouching and ducking behind the counter before moving into a room to the left of the counter.

Vontae posted an Instagram photo near the location of his death

Vontae was reportedly buying over-the-counter eye drops at the pharmacy when two of the five suspects approached, asking if they wanted to buy weed, police sources said to The New York Daily News.

The rapper declined, which led to the two weed dealers and three others demanding his gold chain and other valuables, the cops added.

Just one day before his death, Vontae shared an Instagram post of several photos of himself at a location in the Bronx

“I Got Use To Counting So Much Money I Got Paper Cuts‼️” the caption reads.

It was not immediately clear if the assailants knew the out-of-town rapper. In the photos, he is wearing a large Money Gang Vontae pendant, which was reportedly stolen from him after he was fatally shot.

The robbery appears to be a crime of opportunity, rather than a result of an ongoing feud.

The rapper is an up-and-coming talent from Los Angeles and is survived by his son, Kobe.

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